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Those who challenge difficult treatment material is an user not merely, still have cutting tool firm. Take exceed hard alloy " can cut, still cannot cut " for, actually, cutting exceeds the cutting tool of hard alloy to exist already, but because tall, treatment costs the price,grow, because this is used to rarely. For this, tool industry is being developed hard can the tool with stuff of more expensive efficiency cutting horniness. In the article, the author will introduce the relevant act of two companies for everybody, these two companies are to the actor that exceeds hard alloy to cutting is machined and develop low cost cutting tool can be finished inside short time respectively can cutting tool company, and lay the view the day of breed of cutting tool of treatment of straight carve of steel of the tall hardness steel that uses extensively as mould material, augment tall hardness establishs cutting tool company. When the conglutinate intensity treatment that improves coating exceeds hard alloy, general need combines use discharge treatment and abrade polish. Actor can ministry of technology of cutting tool of cutting tool company establishs milling cutter to develop tax director Dubianyingren to say: "The cutting tool of cutting workpiece should compare work hard. That is to say, want cutting exceeds hard alloy workpiece, must have taller hardness. " with respect to this character, cubic nitrogen of diamond of use single crystal, CBN(changes boron) the cutting tool that waits for material can be machined exceed hard alloy. But, the price of cutting tool of diamond of a single crystal is as high as ten yen (150 thousand yen adds up to) of 9300 yuan of RMBs about, and, use this kind of cutting tool to undertake the cutting deepness of treatment has M of a few μ only. Be in accordingly at present, the utility of this kind of cutting tool basically is polishing. Below this kind of circumstance, it is mother capable person in order to exceed hard alloy, exceed the method that coating covers to machined the method that exceeds hard alloy to become a kind to compare reality on strong cutting tool through be in. Actor can cutting tool is in 10 rolled out the hot CVD(chemistry that uses own development before New Year more gas phase deposit) the law is in exceed the cutting tool that diamond coating enclothes on strong cutting tool. According to crossing edge introduction, "Original intent is electrode of treatment black lead " . The diamond pyramid hardness of this kind of cutting tool is controlled in HV9000, also can use at colophony of fibre glass aggrandizement (GFRP) , carbon fiber enhances colophony radical composite material (the treatment of CFRP) . This company undertook improvement to technology of coating of this kind of diamond, to exceed hard alloy to machine utility development went " UDC coating " . The hardness of UDC coating and the diamond coating before the gender compares pliable but strong " DIA coating " taller. Cross an edge to say, UDC coating " the imperceptible organization through controlling coating, raised adhere intensity and wearability considerably " *1. Film is deep narrowed the half of the DIA coating that uses cutting black lead is controlled. Because,this is " contractible film is deep can prevent what in-house stress causes to come off " . *1 is in actor can in the gush arenaceous test that cutting tool carries out, in gush the concussion of arenaceous medium falls, the coating of UDC coating comes off, 2 what tatty time lengthened DIA coating.

5 times. This company rolled out treatment to have UDC coat 2012 " UDC " series establishs milling cutter and broach (graph 1) . Price of this series cutting tool is low, "The 1/6 that the price still is less than cutting tool of single crystal diamond " (this company stands home of milling cutter ministry to establish tax of milling cutter tax to grow) of small Lin Xiaoyi. Graph 1 actor can the exceeds hard alloy to machine cutting tool to cover own development diamond coating of cutting tool " UDC coating " cutting tool. Raise sex of hardness He Ren through controlling the imperceptible organization of diamond coating, enhanced wearability. Cutting deepness achieves 100 μ M and, UDC series still can shorten handling time. Because its cutting deepness can achieve 100 μ M,this basically is, this was in the past exceed hard alloy to machine a method to had not thought. Actor can cutting tool says, "About 2 years ago, we are exhibited in exhibited on the meeting can the cutting tool that cutting exceeds hard alloy, but the accused knows ' such cutting tool is measuring the clique in producing not to go up use ' " . If can complete cutting treatment only, use way is natural also as identical as cutting tool of single crystal diamond. Accordingly, this company placed the end that makes machine efficiency to exceed other cutting tool far. Actually, when use UDC series undertakes cutting, of eduction is fan model cut bits (graph 2) . And in the past, because cutting deepness is tiny, of eduction alleged " cut bits " , can calling only is " cut pink " . Through increasing cutting depth, need previously tens of the handling time that the discharge of the hour machines can shorten considerably. Graph 2 exceed what hard alloy cutting machines eduction to cut bits to use the ball head milling cutter that enclothes diamond coating " UDCB " (ball radius: 0.

5mm, knife is long: 0.

7mm) treatment exceeds hard alloy (Rockwell hardness: HRA90) . It is rotate speed of main shaft of 100 μ M(to be 30000rpm when axial cutting deepness, feed speed is divided for 300mm/ ) when, of generation cut bits to be sector, with cutting steel products when identical. Xiaolin says, besides the pattern that uses what need cutting to exceed hard alloy besides cold forging and lenticular figuration, "Clamping apparatus is actually more also " . For example, graph 3(a) is to machine what Rockwell hardness is HRA90 above not to have felt photograph the give typical examples of hard alloy. Use 5 cutting tool of UDC series only, finish area of 25 × 25mm to be cost in all to the whole process of finish machining from rough machining 8 hours 49 minutes. The cutting deepness of rough machining is 100 μ M. Graph 3 exceed the treatment example Nextpage(a) of hard alloy to machine place dimension to be 25 × 25mm without felt photograph hard alloy (Rockwell hardness: HRA90 above) the lenticular array that controls. In 5 axes milling cutter of head of ball of the installation on machining center (R0.

5 with R1 two kinds of) , 5 working procedure cost in all. (B) uses milling cutter of head of long neck ball " UDCLB " (R0.

5) , exceed small grain content to exceed hard alloy (Rockwell hardness: HRA92.

5) treatment became sword hill figure. The dimension that machines place is wide 6 × are deep 6 × tall 5mm, the diameter of the needle is most advanced 0.

2mm, root ministry 0.

34mm. Use 2 cutting tool, treatment costs. The precision that cutting machines is taller than discharge treatment, use UDC series undertakes cutting treatment can shorten place of abrade working procedure needs time. "The user can use UDC series cutting tool to undertake machining first, next cutting tool of diamond of reuse single crystal, the quality with make the surface is achieved better " (Xiaolin) . Although hardness exceeds hard alloy not as good as,straight carve machines mould of tall hardness steel, but through heat treatment (quench) the commonly used material that the tall hardness steel that raised hardness is a mould, also be a kind normally means hard the difficult cutting material of cutting. Day establishs cutting tool expansion the cutting tool that can undertake to tall hardness steel straight carve is machined. Day establishs cutting tool to develop central director Japanese red pine into cropland factory fierce history say, "If can use straight carve to machine craft to machine mould of tall hardness steel, only handling time can shorten 1/3 " . Will compare conventional technology and technology of straight carve treatment below (graph 4) . In the past, when the factory is creating pattern of tall hardness steel, need cutting steel products undertakes rough machining, raise hardness through heat treatment next. In this phase, rolled steel will turn tall hardness into steel, undertake cutting is machined again hard. After machining what correction heat treatment causes to be out of shape through discharge, repass is abrade, the mould is made. Graph contrast of 4 treatment craft goes, passed heat treatment (quench) tall hardness steel realizes cutting treatment hard, because this is,have heat treatment again after rough machining. After realizing tall hardness steel to be machined directly, can complete heat treatment process before accept the order not only, and still can use discharge treatment to undertake high accuracy is machined, because this can shorten,place of abrade working procedure needs time. And, heat treatment gives mostly other company acting industry. In the process that accepts the order to deliver the goods, including factory oneself hard pilot link. For safe for the purpose of, the factory can be only when estimation time put apart surplus, this also became the main reason that lengthens date of delivery. If can undertake to tall hardness steel straight carve is machined, so, it is good to want precondition only the rolled steel that passed heat treatment, can begin to machine preparation immediately after accept the order. And, the form that straight carve processes is machined in discharge of the prep above on accuracy, because this grinds,grind working procedure also hopeful shortens. Citing of Japanese red pine says: "When using vintage craft to create some kind of pattern, do not calculate heat treatment, what need time to be 37 hours, and use straight carve treatment to need 13 hours only, shortened about 2/3. " cover partial process to return inadequacy to stem from afore-mentioned reasons quite, day establishs cutting tool developing the cutting tool that can undertake to tall hardness steel straight carve is machined energetically all the time. The silicon that this company opens the diamond pyramid hardness that give out to achieve HV3600 kind coating " TH coating " make cutting machined tall hardness steel to become a possibility *2. Later, this company improves coating technology ceaselessly again, its application arrived in various cutting tool (graph 5) . The treatment of mould of tall hardness steel that the graph establishs cutting tool 5 days uses cutting tool group cutting tool arrives from rough machining everything needed is ready of whorl of bore, cutting, semifinishing machining, finish machining, can machine a course heat treatment through straight carve (quench) rolled steel makes a pattern. *2 TH coating not only hard, and have be able to bear or endure the characteristic of 1000 ℃ high temperature. To prevent quick temperature change causes hot crack, the treatment of tall hardness steel uses treatment doing type mostly, temperature can rise to 900 ℃ sometimes. But cut bits for eduction, the cutting tool with small diameter and broach should use cooling fluid. Japanese red pine says, important is " all cutting tool that collect mould treatment requires " . Actually, it is OK that day establishs cutting tool to sell tall hardness steel to machine the history that uses cutting tool restrospect to 10 years before. What appear on the market above all is TH coating establishs milling cutter, but, "Machine craft considering whole pattern, sheet has establish milling cutter to still can't satisfy requirement " () of Japanese red pine. Such really, although,this kind establishs milling cutter can steel of cutting tall hardness, let cutting treatment replace partial discharge treatment, but can not replace in the round. Although can complete semifinishing machining and precision work, other working procedure uses the process in the past even, that is to say, the working procedure that cannot replace still must want to be finished before heat treatment. If cannot provide the cutting tool that supports these process, mould of the sort of tall hardness steel that cannot say before implementation is straight vulture craft. Increase intent of coating short of only specific for, these cutting tool include to be the tap of chamfer of whorl of cooling pipe and the broach that carry bore giving an injection on the head, treatment, and the razor blade that can carry out indispensable rough machining to the mould of certain size can change type cutting tool. If collect is not neat these cutting tool, cannot create a pattern with straight carve craft. Actually, roll out establish milling cutter soon, day established cutting tool to roll out the drill that uses TH coating to use bit, but before tap product is changed, did not get too great attention. These cutting tool are not simple in coating already was enclothed to go on some cutting tool. It is in order to use steel of tap treatment tall hardness exemple, in pull out when cutting tool, existence tap is broken off and stay in the risk inside aperture. Once break off, it is difficult to want to be taken out if enter a day, after all the mother capable person of cutting tool also is to exceed hard alloy. If can pass discharge to machine purify to still calculate very lucky, but fall in certain circumstance, can redo of do poorly done work over again. For this, day established cutting tool to install converse edge to enclothe the tap of TH coating, when can preventing to invert, be cut bits gets stuck to cause break off. Besides, it is OK that this company still was developed 2010 the *3 of whorl milling cutter that treatment exceeds hard alloy. Whorl milling cutter is the cutting tool with even smaller than bore diameter diameter, come through rotation of cutting alveolus inside the surface, refinance aids screw type " revolution " form whorl chamfer. Japanese red pine is recollected at that time say, "After the tall hardness steel that using Rockwell hardness HRC60 demonstrates whorl of bore, cutting, a lot of people are astonied " . *3 still has the whorl milling cutter that takes Duan Ren, can be in at the same time bore while cutting gives whorl. Those who enclothe is ATH coating. Whorl milling cutter calculates break off, take out very easily also from inside aperture. Additional, the coating of whorl milling cutter is not the ATH coating *4 that comes by TH coating evolution, however aluminous chromium kind " PN coating " . Although hardness not as good as ATH coating, but raised lubricity. *4 hardness raised HV3800 of diamond pyramid hardness, be able to bear or endure oxidation temperature raised 1200 ℃ . Finally is the bit that rough machining uses can change type cutting tool (knife handle and bit) . Actually, "The development difficulty of this kind of cutting tool is the greatest " () of Japanese red pine. The establishs milling cutter to be able to adjust cutting tool whole appearance of type of an organic whole, but the edge part that the bit that can change type cutting tool is foremost end only, the room that adjusts figure is very little. For this, day establishs cutting tool raising the respect such as the knife handle precision, installation angle that improves bit to make great efforts one time. For example, bit before horny design is negative horn, enlarged space. Say of Japanese red pine: "5% what allegedly the cost of the cutting tool in mould treatment occupies whole about. Though some are tall the price prep above that hardness steel uses cutting tool is other cutting tool, but of efficiency of craft of treatment of mould of have the aid of rise, buy this kind of cutting tool complete be to one's profit. " day establishs cutting tool to think, treatment of straight carve of tall hardness steel is little-known still now, the demand of corresponding cutting tool still will increase henceforth. CNC Milling