The three-dimensional parameter of lathe tool of arris form figuration changes a design

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Summary: Concern through analysing the geometry of lathe tool of arris form figuration and workpiece model, put forward to use three-dimensional the complex calculation change that proposes profile of modular general cutting tool passes to be connected directly sectional obtained means, according to data judgement program builds workpiece profile to control rectangle and reference point, make figuration lathe tool designs a process to rely on specific workpiece profile no longer, the comprehensive parameter that can achieve dimension of lathe tool of arris form figuration and appearance is changed design and make. Lathe tool of 1 foreword figuration is the special cutting tool that machines surface of figuration of swing tower workpiece. Design of figuration lathe tool includes profile design and structural design. Profile design is amended must decide cutting tool profile according to workpiece profile, it is one of crucial step of the design. Design of traditional profile of figuration lathe tool uses constructive law or numeration commonly, constructive way is direct but design precision is inferior, numeration is trival and complex. In recent years a few researcher use computer technology, institute of Chen Wei state is written " the profile of figuration lathe tool that is based on AutoCAD is constructive design method " in the alternant design function that uses AUTOCAD has the computer constructive, jiang Dejun is written " the accurate design of profile of figuration lathe tool and generate automatically " use AUTOLISP language to realize computation, rose to design efficiency and constructive precision, but still adopt with linear or circular arc designs profile approximately, put in the profile error with bigger move. Chen Liaojun, Cheng Wei is written " the method of three-dimensional and hypostatic modelling that is used at CAD/CAM of figuration lathe tool " use AUTOCAD three-dimensional hand in and poor modelling function will design cutting tool profile, without feature of dimension of cutting tool structure, can finish the three-dimensional model of pair of cutting tool profile only. At present these a few kinds of computers design a law to basically adopt alternant design, cannot realize parameter to change, because these each new cutting tool must weigh new alternant design. Parameter changes design technology to be core in order to restrain modelling, it is a feature with dimension drive, allow an architect to undertake draft is designed above all, draw the outline of gives design rough sketch, input exact size value to complete final design next. With compare without tie design, parameter changes a design more accord with actual project to design a habit, design medium advantage in seriation especially more outstanding, the 2nd design of same set product can pass modification first time to design implementation directly. Because the design process of figuration lathe tool is centralized, structural feature is similar, computational method is uniform, we can regard different figuration lathe tool same set product, adopt parameter to change design technology to come true. The article is platform with UG software, it is with lathe tool of arris form figuration exemple undertake study. Graph model of geometry of 1 swing tower pursues model of geometry of 2 figuration cylinder pursues the geometrical relation of lathe tool of figuration of 3 arris form and workpiece model pursues draft of control of 4 workpiece profile pursues 5 additional the crucial point and swallow end parameter of lathe tool of figuration of 2 arris form converts size control sketch design foundation 2.

The relation workpiece between lathe tool of 1 arris body and workpiece model is swing tower model, figuration lathe tool is figuration cylinder, if the graph is shown 1 times, Г of definition circumgyrate face circles O-O to rotate by bus S1 obtain, s2, S3 crosses a line for the cut of different curved surface and Г . According to the theorem of face of the circumgyrate in advanced analytic geometry, s1, S2, S3 all can regard swing tower Г as the bus that board, namely S2, S3 circles O-O to rotate to also can get same Г . If the graph is shown 2 times, cylinder Г 1 allow line A-A translation for bus SS1 edge and obtain, SS2, SS3 is different curved surface and Г the cut of 1 crosses a line, according to the theorem of face of center pillar of advanced analytic geometry, SS1, SS2, SS3 all can regard cylinder Г as the bus that board, namely translation of A-A of standard line of edge of SS2, SS3 also can get same cylinder Г 1. The geometrical model union that reachs afore-mentioned swing tower and figuration cylinder and workpiece cutting tool rises, assume Г of workpiece circumgyrate face and before the sectional line S2 of γ of knife face A and Г of cylinder of figuration cutting tool 1 with before knife face is sectional when line SS2 is identical, reach eventuate: It is OK that workpiece profile S1 circles O-O of line of work axle center to rotate obtain Г of workpiece circumgyrate face; Before Г of face of circumgyrate of workpiece of intercept of γ of knife face A, its cut hands in a line to be edge profile SS2; The curved surface of drawing of direction of A&alpha of face of the knife after edge of edge profile SS2 is Г of cylinder of cutting tool figuration 1; Г of cylinder of cutting tool figuration the SS1 of 1 cutting tool profile that after the sectional curve inside the law section N-N of knife face begs namely. Cylinder of cutting tool figuration and workpiece see a picture in the umbriferous relation of feed plane 3. Cylinder of figuration of face of circumgyrate of the workpiece in the graph, cutting tool and individually sectional and OK go to the lavatory with the three-dimensional method that build a model implementation, on workpiece profile, edge profile and curve of cutting tool profile each bits of data all can be obtained, its error is decided by the modelling error of three-dimensional software, and the three-dimensional error that build a model is in UG decimally hind 11, put in design error scarcely, it is the foundation that cutting tool of cutting tool figuration designs accurately. 2.

Parameter of 2 control curve changes a design to change a design to assure parameter, must make sectional curve and structural dimension parameter are changed. Sectional curve parameter is changed come true by draft feature, can rotate through drawing etc achieve three-dimensional trait, also can regard control as reference. Draft feature is to establish draft plane, fiducial axis and join reference point above all, the geometry that builds careless paint with the command of composition of a picture such as linear, circle next pursues yuan, add what the tie makes to make the accurate draft that parameter changes finally. Draft plane and fiducial axis are geometry pursues yuan of plane that depend on and fiducial, the tie includes dimension and geometric constraint. Geometric constraint is the integral appearance of affirmatory draft, demonstrate orientation way (direction of level, upend) pursue with geometry yuan of relation between (include a plan yuan between mutual parallel, perpendicular, included angle, in all line, in all dot, homocentric, etc long, wait for the) such as radius. Pursue to assure yuan of correlation between, can add auxiliary dot, line and circle to pursue as reference appropriately yuan. Dimension restrains the measurement that uses sketch of drive size control, because parameter changes size, when dimension happening changes, draft size also changes subsequently, dimension can be conveyed by numerical value or simple expression. If use complex expression,need to establish each other relationship with expression function. In design of figuration lathe tool need builds 3 parameter to convert tie sketch: End of He Yan of draft of draft of workpiece profile control, control of cutting tool angle, additional the crucial point size control draft, certain associated sex is had between 3 draft. Draft of workpiece profile control is crucial control draft, it decides workpiece profile and size of cutting tool structure. There is reference point of 4 dot designs on workpiece profile: The point of a knife nodding A(with the smallest radius is nodded, nominal around horn is nodded) , the deepness of profile of workpiece of the decision that nod B(with the biggest radius) , the starting point that start C, terminal D(defines additional the crucial point and) of dimension of cutting tool structure. By 4 dot composition controls quadrature V1V2V3V4 to restrict workpiece profile, the two edges V1V4 of length direction, V2V3 and OO of line of work axle center are consistent, cross the dot B with the dot A with the smallest radius and the biggest radius, its length is L of length of workpiece profile axial, the two edges V1V2 of width direction, V3 V4 crosses C of workpiece profile start and terminal D respectively, width nods the poor) of A and B radius for Apmax(of workpiece profile deepness, namely workpiece profile S just is surrounded by quadrature V1V2V3V4. Comprehensive parameter changes control to be able to make design a process not to rely on specific workpiece profile. Before compose builds workpiece profile, above all compose builds control quadrature V1V2V3V4 and ABCD of 4 geometry dot, the tie that has nodding is in going up point-blank with 4 edges (quadrature dimension, position, dot wait not to restrain) in the quadrature position that goes up point-blank, in the light of each specific design needs the relevant point tie workpiece profile to nod ABCD in 4 geometry only can (4) seeing a picture. Draft of control of cutting tool angle must control the A dot of draft to build relevant couplet with workpiece profile. Draft plane and profile of cutting tool workpiece control draft plane orthogonality, f of around horn α , γ F is control parameter (3) seeing a picture. Additional the crucial point and swallow end size control draft must build correlation with two afore-mentioned draft. Additional the crucial point and swallow end dimension are to be in what cutting tool law undertakes designing inside N-N of Xiang Ping face, the side of Xiang Ping of cutting tool law that draft plane chooses to cross A. The C1 of two upright start of C2 of two upright start, D2 and edge profile SS, D1 is in additional the crucial point the coincide inside face of Xiang Ping of cutting tool law, because this must establish auxiliary draft tie, the method is the C on draft of workpiece profile control the dot circles work axle center to rotate, with before knife face is handed in at C1 dot, c1 orthogonality is umbriferous the dot to this draft plane is C2 of starting point of additional the crucial point namely, with manage attainable D2 is nodded (5) seeing a picture. By above 3 control draft and auxiliary draft can know, build control quadrature V1V2V3V4 and the workpiece profile that the ABCD of 4 geometry dot that compose builds can make design process Lai Yu notting comply specific, it is implementation lathe tool comprehensive parameter changes pilot basis, it is whole design parameter the control structure in changing a course. 2.

Parameter of list of 3 structures dimension changes control curve parameter solved geometry to pursue only the metabolic problem of yuan of parameter, because numerous parameter is not of substantive change, most parameter is decided by form and design principle, a lot of structure dimension that are like lathe tool are decided by Apmax of L of length of workpiece profile axial and profile deepness, f of α of cutting tool angle, γ F decides according to cutting tool and workpiece material. Parameter relation can use database technology to finish, but need database software and language of 2 development major. Because data of lathe tool of arris form figuration is less, can use proper expression to solve this problem. Below we are a circumstance that will explain to come true on UG with B of ply of lathe tool cutter hub, the others variable can come true through similar program. Apmax of deepness of profile of workpiece of dimension of ply of cutter hub of watch lathe tool 44 ~ of ≤ 1010 ~ of 66 ~ 2020 ~ of 1414 ~ 28 lathe tool of 28 ≥ the expressive method: of B of ply of cutter hub of lathe tool of B9141925354550 of cutter hub ply? Archives wraps up Qu of short Qian Xi to be decided by right watch, need to satisfy B ≥ Apmax+(0.


4)L. Build If(exp1)(exp2)else(exp3) to judge a statement, its meaning is satisfy expression Exp1 when the condition, eventuate expression Exp2, it is expression Exp3 otherwise, the parameter that will realize structural dimension list through this statement is changed. Amax=Rmax-Rmin C=Amax+0.

25*L BA1=if(Amax <=4 &&C <=9)(9)else(BA2) BA2=if(Amax <=4 &&C <=14)(14)else(BA3) BA3=if(Amax <=4 &&C <=19)(19)else(BA4) BA4=if(Amax <=4 &&C <=25)(25)else(BA5) BA5=if(Amax <=4 &&C <=35)(35)else(BA6) BA6=if(Amax <=4 &&C <=45)(45)else(BA7) BA7=if(Amax <=4 &&C>45)(45)else(BB2) BB2=if(Amax>4 &&Amax <=6 &&C<=14)(14)else(BB3) ... BB7=if(Amax>4 &&Amax <=6 &&C>45)(45)else (BC3) BC3=if(Amax>6 &&Amax <=10 &&C<=19)(19)else (BC4) ... BC7=if(Amax>6 &&Amax <=10 &&C>45)(45)else (BD4) BD4=if(Amax>10 &&Amax <=14 &&C<=25)(25)else (BD5) ... BD7=if(Amax>10 &&Amax <=14 &&C>45)(45)else(BE5) BE5=if(Amax>14 &&Amax <=20 &&C>=35)(35)else (BE6) ... BE7=if(Amax>14 &&Amax <=20 &&C>45)(45)else(BF6) ... BF7=if(Amax>20 &&Amax <=28 &&C>Lathe tool of figuration of 45)(45)else(BF8) BF8=50 3 is three-dimensional parameter changes implementation parameter to change a design is the 2nd design that points to same set product can pass modification first time to design implementation directly. We regard different figuration lathe tool same set product, weigh the design of first time to give priority to model file, other all be right advocate the modification of model file. 3.

1 advocate three-dimensional parameter turns model document lathe tool of figuration of form of arris of basis of design technological process designs a principle, advocate three-dimensional parameter turns the document design process is as follows: Build fiducial: ? Zuo of  of  ⒂ Guang - the datum plane with XYZ coordinate consistent department and fiducial axis. Is workpiece profile built to control draft: in XY datum plane? Piao of post Zhui of ㄒ of stay of proceedings by box method of? of the bald Bao that remove a parent sees afore-mentioned introductory) , because control square model it is to decide workpiece profile only all around the ultimate position of the place, because this is referenced curve only. Workpiece profile: ? Piao of oxime of Wen of frequency of Piao of Zhui of buzzing mother of  of  of ⒁ ぜ holding sb in respectful awe steals quiet of frequency of Piao of Zhui of Wei Nai of  of  of ぜ of  of Quan of  of  of border of male Lang Hui's mother to fetters by box where gallops mallet of bad lot  basks in article of ぜ   to pull kiss  to kowtow mu say Kang, tie control quadrature edge and this paragraph of curve are tangent, at the same time the tie controls square model reference point is on this paragraph of curve. Build the three-dimensional model: of workpiece? Poisonous talk in one's sleep of ⒌ of  of = of Jin of  of cut down of  of ぜ of mildew of Song of  of  of  of the whistle austral Lou of  of ぜ of firm ping of ぜ   embeds flesh Piao to cast aside? of a gathering of things or people with profile radius the least place is datum mark, the XZ(of feed section plane with cutting tool is perpendicular the section plane at workpiece axes) build cutting tool angle to control draft for datum plane, compose builds two to undertake restraining point-blank according to the nominal around horn of cutting tool. Build additional the crucial point and: of draft of control of swallow end draft? Cutting of the feet of Wei of high mountain  crouchs plutonium > envy of lot   is contrary to outskirt of ⒏ of  of prostitute of aid of  of  of go whoring of mop of ㄆ of poisonous Le of  predestined relationship embraces degree of have diarrhoea to take off Piao of ability of bridle arm a gathering of things or people to cast aside flesh of a gathering of things or people; Song Mei spends glad  ? to cross the datum plane of face of the knife before the place with profile the least radius is built, face of cut workpiece circumgyrate, its hand in a line to be the profile of edge. Of face of the knife after drawing of direction of extent of the knife after edge profile regards whole as the edge is obtained shape cylinder. Drawing of direction of extent of the knife after additional the crucial point and edge of swallow end draft obtains the others cylinder. Adopt Boer addition to obtain three-dimensional model. The datum plane cut of face of the knife before using divides three-dimensional model upside, obtain the three-dimensional aprametric model of cutting tool. The three-dimensional aprametric model of cutting tool of intercept of cutting tool normal plane gains cutting tool profile. Enter plot or machine a function, the 2 dimension blueprint that can obtain parameter to change and line cut program or example reach inspection template program. Graph 6 main body of a court verdict three-dimensional parameter changes a model to pursue 7 new work and cutting tool are three-dimensional parameter turns a model 3.

The parameter of lathe tool of 2 different figuration changes the 2nd design that designs different figuration lathe tool to be able to be passed directly revise advocate model file (each new document also can serve as advocate model file) will come true, cutting tool is different, modification parameter is different also, but below reduce 3 kinds of combination: : of angle of geometry of modification cutting tool? Suddenly windows Ru seeks Xing of merchant of a gathering of things or people chirp Φ collect is lost call embed take structure of? of  of coerce of pilfer of  of 9 ぜ  identical, is measurement different) : ?  of  of ぜ of wooden tablets or slips for writing of  of suddenly a surname comforts Piao casts aside grand of  of lax of  of Qu of delay of  of Shu of Ji of abb of  of  of ぜ of grave of Ru of clip of a gathering of things or people? of Xi of  of ⑸ of Shou of Ji of Wu Chun all becomes Wei Nan of  of 9 ぜ  workpiece profile and structure all not identical, enter workpiece profile to control draft to choose curve of original work profile, the tie that deletes profile curve and original control rectangle and reference point correlation (normally 3 ~ restrain) 6 times, build new workpiece profile curve, build a tie to concern with original control rectangle and reference point: Edit workpiece circumgyrate feature, the generatrix that replaces workpiece circumgyrate feature is new workpiece profile curve: Delete curve of original work profile, newer model can win new cutting tool model and design machine program. Graph 6 with the graph 7 it is the result that profile of two different workpiece and cutting tool angle use this method to come true. The design process of lathe tool of 4 conclusion figuration is consistent, structural feature is similar, computational method is uniform, regard different figuration lathe tool same set product, adopt parameter to change design technology to come true: Reach the geometry with workpiece model to concern through analysing lathe tool of arris form figuration, use the three-dimensional method that build a model, profile of original figuration lathe tool correction design is calculated change obtains the sectional means that crosses a line directly for a kind, make the correction of cutting tool profile more accurate and convenient: The parameter of dimension of the cutting point of view that takes judgement data technology to realize figuration lathe tool, structure, additional the crucial point changes a design: Through establishing the control rectangle of workpiece profile and reference point, make design a process to rely on specific workpiece profile no longer, the three-dimensional parameter that needs to use new workpiece profile to replace original workpiece profile to be able to realize figuration lathe tool automatically only every time changes automation to design, combine three-dimensional numerical control to weave lathe tool profile and example data machine program: Still need to be in advocate hind horny desired result and amend wait for a respect to go up to consider to discuss further. CNC Milling