Shanteweikekeleman: Brand-new boring cutter CoroBore 824 XS

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In hang greatly extend aperture of boring small diameter never so simple. Brand-new the boring of essence of life that boring cutting tool expanded Shanteweikekeleman is had range of products. Lever of CoroTurn XS boring and can change head system can boring is low to 1mm(0.

The aperture of 039 Inch) diameter, what assured cutting tool inventory at the same time is the smallest change. Shanteweikekeleman: Brand-new · of advantage of boring cutter CoroBore 824 XS uses Coromant Capto and EH modular interface, rose to be in in the accessibility · of boring of small diameter aperture hang greatly extend a condition to issue lever of boring of use whole hard alloy to undertake boring can be reduced vibration and raise stability · to use but installation of dislocation razor blade and diameter adjust an orgnaization, make boring lever provides flexibility more, reduced cutting tool investment and boring cutter of essence of · of stock cost characteristic to provide at the same time with 2 micron (cursor scale) increment undertakes diametical essence attune can obtain flexibility of cutting tool of huge of · of IT6 of bore diameter grade: Different diameter · can offer full Capto® of optional choose coke or EH system boring diametical 1 Mm (0.

039 inches) rise standard CoroTurn®· of XS razor blade can offer diametical 6 Mm (0.

236 inches) case, take standard CoroTurn®107 but the · of lever of boring of integral hard alloy of dislocation razor blade CoroBore®Full Capto of 824 XS coke adjusts limits · C3 with what coke full EH receives a power, knife handle 04, 06, 08 = 1 Mm (is radial) · C4, knife handle 10 = 1.

5 Mm (is radial) · is in the alveolus essence boring that applies · to apply to all material to be hanged greatly extend a requirement (6 times diameter) next undertaking head of boring of small diameter essence has taller accessibility that stabilize boring · , the knife handle of hard alloy of boring · whole that implements complex part offers bigger boring depth -- can amount to ISO of 6 times diameter to use range CNC Milling