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The dream of a lot of manufacturer is, need a few people only, lie on the chair, use computer to be able to achieve the perfect administration of whole government technological process. Brad Boston currently holds the post ofthe senior vice president of Cisco system company to hold CIO concurrently, joined in in August 2001 Cisco, responsible corporation uses the job in the IT of global limits. Join in before Cisco, mr Boston serves as development of Sabre company product and consign to carry out vice-president, be in charge of leading layer management job. Mr Boston still is in American Express, Visa, United Airlines/Covia, United States early or late state bank and Chicago trust company hold the position of senior management position. Use fictitious production technology to assemble his product, will make whole company forms a big fictitious plant. Should come true this, must want to be based on onefold, high-speed IT network, on such application and framework foundation, make full use of the business flow that corresponding solution will come to transform whole company. The economy that ego evaluates the company below to no matter be the United States,innovate still is global economy, experienced very big change. Change through this kind, we should think over afresh, how to use technical talent to gain headway. In the process that a lot of companies glide in economy, reduced expenditure, but the expenditure that we did not reduce IT respect, we held the high investment of IT, because we realise, IT system transforms a company to continueing will be very important. The IT application base that we build brought very big growth to the company. We should make more systems compositive together, perhaps compare before better compositive together. Our target builds a system namely, can answer all sorts of economy environments neatly. From business flow angle for, want to realize the application that crosses a branch not just, and can have due working technological process even, make each branches can common. How should we use a technology certainly, can make each working flow get apply and be executived quickly. Among them key of a job is a technology accept an issue. That is to say had new method when us, should groom personnel, and measuring us is can from the system that wants deploy in the center, gain systematic advantage truly. Be in charge of running a plant for instance, every quarter collects relevant controller together, study the applied situation of a quarter, they have a cause, want to evaluate real accomplishment, when they carried out application, want to looked to reach their expectation, if did not reach this expectation, they can redesign a system. We should assure the tool that rolls out and system, can get be mixinged effectively be used efficiently, can bring positive effect to the enterprise. We are offerred a few groom, help them can undertake the adjustment of the framework in enterprise interior, in order to adopt the technique of innovation. We think crucial is, the enterprise should get ready, establish good foundation to accept the technology of these innovation. Current, the enterprise must find what core business first can the technology of IT of have the aid of, have a very good promotion and flight; In the meantime, still must analyse a technology can the level transforms a company from what. Become us to be able to see application gives people brought interest, the profit that brings from account face especially, we can adopt these techniques well. The business personnel that we must let core is participated in come in, what is letting them consider current business technological process well at the same time, and how is IT technology improved, those who optimize these business flow. The value of business model reflects us to should make IT business model, assure to use IT resource effectively. There can be a variety of applications when the biggest problem that we face now has namely, below this kind of circumstance, we want to be changed as far as possible. In the meantime, we must the choice that can make proper standard. Some earlier moment, we chose a level in computer respect, e.g. Unix or Windows. Tell us to there is what new way between business now. Above all, we are very comprehensive to the client's understanding. We have 25 databases, be concerned client, distributing between different technological process, include a few regulation support a client with how. And we use onefold definition between the company, such client data that we can have a standard to unite. Pass technical use, can change technological process of a lot of business, the information that how obtains a client e.g. us is waited a moment. We have group of a technology to do this work technically. Of course, establishing this group is very easy, flow of real change business is very difficult. Additional, we have a move in sale respect, how can make sell a branch to improve efficiency namely, enlarge user amount. We ever had investigated a salesperson to use the case of time, result discovery, the salesperson is only the time of 20 % is with client communication. Sale branch and we are discussed how to can build an application system together, can make they save time, optimize time, give a client more time, is not to spend more time to become administration, dog for instance order for goods, perhaps do the work of other with the selling manager. So we created a model, can tell them the show of the circumstance of specific client and everybody in real time. This tool can give them more information, make they use their time effectively, also can make they reduce artificial processing at the same time, concern a sale for example forecast, or of client data collect etc, this kind of method is very effective, make they can obtain complete sale information, this is very effective also to administrator. We still rolled out a content recently, it is Web website took out a new version, also use at electronic business affairs, its feeling is very good, layout is very good also, have a kind of new way that runs content. We released a lot of documents on the website, client and employee should be used. Between the website in the past, have reduplicative of a lot of information. Similar product is described, may have a few version, people differentiates very hard which it is the most accurate. We changed whole technological process now, perhaps pass technical adjustment, can have an onefold version. Flow of reasonable control business above all we have flow of a management, basically be right content has a definition, use consistent means namely, with the cost that will define whole company, offer the cost of the solution for example. Administrative technological process can help us manage the lifecycle of the product well, in the meantime, still can accelerate a product to put in the speed to the market. There are 32 thousand products in our catalogue item, we can realize the quality government with these whole products. 32 thousand products are meant have many product description and product property, and the information of technical index. But had this flow, we can run these product message well, pass our product information management, can provide better, convenient product support for the client. The dream of manufacturer is, need a few people only, they lie on 3 deck chair, use computer to be able to achieve the perfect administration of whole technological process. What they should manage is business flow, is not real operation, product processing, assemble and it is OK to pack outside the bag gives a partner. But, in the process of outer bag, must control the flow that him partner produces effectively. This year, we are outside wrapped a partner to offer commutative server, in order to support the control of flow of this respect business. If we want to offer excellent service, high grade product, must control whole business flow. If want to accomplish this, still must have a framework. On this framework, want to form as good as the partner relationship. A few years of in the past, we pass relevant technology to rise the computer system join of the computer system of Cisco and partner. Pass the butt joint of computer system, between implementation Cisco and partner fictitious production administrative framework. This technology can reduce the cost of operation, in the meantime, also reduced the cost of carriage respect. CNC Milling