Technology of CAD lending strength designs figuration lathe tool

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Figuration lathe tool has the characteristic that life of tall, cutting tool grows treatment quality stability, productivity, but its are designed and make more complex. Enter CAD/CAM technology through guiding, can shorten effectively the design of figuration lathe tool and production process, the article introduced a kind base the figuration lathe tool that has 2 times developing at SolidWorks system is three-dimensional devise new method. The blade form of figuration lathe tool is complex, often need to undertake trival correction is calculated. Production figuration lathe tool from time to tome a kind of method makes turn over look doctrine to machine, namely the cutting tool like make it and workpiece appearance (call lathe tool of 2 kinds of figuration, the figuration lathe tool that makes figuration lathe tool namely) , by the photograph counterpoint when machining a spare parts actually buy goes cutting figuration lathe tool, need not undertake correction calculation so. However a variety of suffer from limitation on application, law of this one party is used rarely in actual production. Now, devise new method through using a kind of figuration lathe tool that is based on SolidWorks system, make afore-mentioned turning over look doctrine treatment becomes a possibility. It uses its feature modelling, imitate to assemble, the parameter that generates the multinomial function such as associated project attempt to realize figuration lathe tool directly changes a design, need to change only to different workpiece secondly dimension profile and corresponding cutting tool parameter can get corresponding cutting tool design directly. Below the workpiece profile that to in an attempt to shows 1 times and dimension are exemple (take cutting tool before ° of horny γ F =10, hind ° of horny α F =12) , the specification is based on parameter of lathe tool of figuration of SolidWorks feature formative to change the implementation course of the design. Generate spare parts substance to build a part in SolidWorks, choice level datum plane is mixed for axes of draft plane scale half outline (graph 1a) , what the part gets after rotating is hypostatic, if pursue,1 B place is shown. Graph 1 workpiece draft and substance are draft plane with end panel P, the relative position of face of the knife before pressing and workpiece (workpiece R1=10mm and ° of F =10 of γ of place of horizontal included angle) the picture is linear (2a seeing a picture) , get graph 2b with part of this on linear excision half part. The design that undertakes cutting tool substance in assembling system is built in SolidWorks assemble system, insert the part that has completed assemble system. New part is inserted to name in assembling system for " cutting tool " , section of choice work check is draft plane, cite with entity the cut look that the command gets this plane go up (the 3a that be like a graph) . The line that take out part has nothing to do, line of section of reservation cutting blade lengthens additional cutting blade, next line of outer side picture forms the graph that close, this graph is the cut form of face of the knife before cutting tool namely, after finishing, show like graph 3b place (tenon of end of the swallow in the graph was not drawn, with excision the law gives after implementation) . Graph 2 before the workpiece after draft of knife side position and excision is draft plane with end panel P again, in this draft the picture decides the position of face of the knife after cutting tool point-blank. Form of knife face cut is previously sectional, hind of knife side position it is method point-blank, with scanning the command creates cutting tool entity. The hemline cutting tool asks perpendicularly to cut by face of the knife after mixing neat, reoccupy excises a command to generate swallow end tenon, the design of cutting tool substance is accused namely finish. Graph 4a is the axial side graph of cutting tool, graph 4b is graph of its apply colours to a drawing. Graph of face of the knife before 3 cutting tool generate generate design of cutting tool engineering to build project picture in Solid Works, pull cutting tool spare parts to pursue into the project can. When the cut form parameter that needs cutting tool, decide in SolidWorks proper section plane place can get what needing profile directly. Get parameter of form of cut of extent of cutting tool method to be below CAM environment, can get parameter of form of cut of extent of cutting tool method directly, use these parameter process designing next, the cut on online cut machine tool gives cutting tool hind knife face. The means that gets parameter in SolidWorks is: the project the graph is put additionally into Dxf or Dwg format, open Dxf or Dwg file in AutoCAD again, defining proper coordinate is, with List inquiry command can obtain the parameter of the each line segment in form of method extent cut. Graph if pursue,the axial side graph of 4 cutting tool and apply colours to a drawing pursue 5 in mix 23 paragraphs 567 paragraphs of line segment, 23 paragraphs are in on part drawing is cone is linear, 567 paragraphs are circular arc. Method of traditional design of figuration lathe tool is on cutting tool will simplify to be mixed point-blank respectively circular arc, can bring hyperbola error from this. Inquiring with List the command is informed 23 paragraphs here is not linear, 567 paragraphs also are not circular arc, however batten curve. Batten curve is one kind is in a certain number of the curve that undertakes planning to close between reference point coordinate. Next watches listed 23 paragraphs are mixed coordinate of reference point of curve of 567 paragraphs of batten inquires a result. If the reader is operated according to same method when need to notice, because coordinate fastens the different meeting with graphical position to get different coordinate is worth, but want workpiece and cutting tool parameter to agree only, its are worth relative to coordinate can be same. Graph SolidWorks of parameter of form of cut of extent of method of 5 cutting tool is to be based on diagnostic parameter to convert hypostatic modelling software, the change that can adopt measure will have an edition to entity. Accordingly, want the work that makes above and cutting tool only assemble body file to regard an example as the file, use the function that undertakes the spare parts is designed in assembly drawing, in the draft plane of the spare parts the profile of redefine spare parts creates new spare parts entity, the cutting tool parameter that waits according to F of new requirement redefine γ and α F again, can get new cutting tool entity directly. Because the engineering design of SolidWorks is the same as hypostatic and relevant couplet, the profile on engineering design and dimension can make corresponding change. Want to obtain the coordinate parameter of cut form line segment, need to become Save As of attempt of cutting tool project Dxf or Dwg archives afresh only, undertake inquiring with List command in AutoCAD next can. Express 23 paragraphs, the coordinate of reference point of curve of 567 paragraphs of batten is worth editor's note: The article teachs agree via Xie Weichang, handpick from author chief editor " machinist Cheng and automation brachylogy design manual " (go up book) the 2nd edition. This design manual already was versed in by machinery trade publishing house is published formally recently, the reducer that increased to be based on three-dimensional CAD parameter to change a technology in this the 2nd edition designs the content such as method and mechanical workmanship and equipment CAD. Of article cento cutting tool design and made part are concerned in increasing a share newly just about. This design manual by authorized for Electromechanical of common higher education kind program teaching material, make the course that reachs student of its automation major to undertake mechanical principle and mechanical design, hydraulic pressure and baric drive, machinery produces the course such as technology and equipment design and graduation are designed and be written for mechanical design only. In the meantime, design of this book market is directive, referenced data of graph book, design at an organic whole, every chapter has design give typical examples and working plan, add design problem to choose, also suit personnel of technology of plant company project to use quite. CNC Milling