New edition PowerINSPECT4.3 will be compatible AIMS

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3 version will be mixed Boeing company, the AIMS Metrology System that the lead aerospace company such as Lockheed Martin uses extensively is compatible. The hair of new version makes the PowerINSPECT application in aerospace domain more wide soon. Compatible AIMS makes PowerINSPECT can be mixed better do not have between other software and hardware platform seam share CAD geometry body, detect plan and measure an outcome, can more mix each industry group is medium differring with all sorts of different type enterprises conveniently the testing system photograph that the branch uses currently matchs. It also simplified the data between the data that PowerINSPECT measures old system of data and other to measure data is compared. Company of news of You Bo of AIMS Metrology System and Metronor group combine development, it is the definition with complete contrast of one collar for a horse detects, the software system that the project is measured and assembles a plan, it can detect according to the plan that makes beforehand spare parts quality, the analysis measures an outcome, generation measures a report to reach save measure an outcome. Accordingly it can make the CAD geometry model between each type hardware and software platform, detect plan and measure a result to accomplish share completely. It supports a variety of differring that the harmony of system and equipment is developed and produce a program. The hardware that they use to have between the company and software platform can realize comprehensive geometrical model conformity, do not need revest, groom afresh, relearn the regulations of new method. Most the firm that uses these AIMS dominant positions first includes man of Losk Heed horse to atttack battleplan project and Boeing company jointly. CNC Milling