Our country development goes robot of new idea underwater

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Recently, place begins automation of Shenyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences independently of research and development " mix model underwater robot (the technology studies ARV) key " reach " underwater glide robot studies " pass smoothly check and accept. This is indicating Shenyang automation location is new respect of research of notional underwater robot obtained a technology to break through again. Perspective of application of robot of new idea underwater is wide. ARV is robot of underwater of autonomy of a kind of collect (AUV) and robot of remote control underwater (ROV) technology characteristic the robot of new idea underwater at a suit. It is had the open mode, modular, architecture that can reframe and a variety of control means (own / half own / remote control) , take the sources of energy oneself and carry fiber-optic small cable, can use as AUV already, undertake large-scale underwater is investigated, also can use as ROV, undertake Xiaofan surrounds accurate investigation and exercise. Compare with traditional AUV photograph, ARV can carry manipulator, increased exercise capacity, and compare with traditional ROV photograph, ARV expands exercise limits from hundreds of meters a few kilometers. Accordingly, robot of underwater of this kind of new idea can be below big range, big deepness and complex ocean environment undertake marine science considers to be investigated with deep-sea resource, have wider applied perspective. Task group solved much mode control, modular structure, fiber-optic a series of crucial technologies such as small cable application, successful development goes prototype of robot of underwater of the first ARV of our country. Underwater glider is the research heat on international at present, it is a kind of new-style underwater robot that propeller hangs outside notting have. Its have the aid of changes oneself flotage and centre of gravity to do gliding in underwater, have voyage resistance tall, voyage is apart from utilization rate of small, energy cost is low from big, noise, low, answer debit to wait for an advantage, as main as exploration domain play effect can be monitored in ocean, have wide applied perspective. Our country of Shenyang automation place takes the lead in developing a success prototype of underwater glider function. In October 2005, robot prototype undertook the underwater glide of development successfully the experiment on the lake. Principle of the athletic mechanism that the experiment makes clear underwater glide robot, drive and carrier design optimize the crucial technology that wait to had gotten settlement. CNC Milling