The working process of system of numerical control of lathe of economy numerical control

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The main characteristic of lathe of economy numerical control is low-cost, functional specific aim is strong. Usually, general accuracy machine tool changes his costume or dress work efficiency can improve after machine tool of simple and easy numerical control 1 ~ 4 times, can reduce percent defective at the same time, improve product quality, can reduce worker labor intensity again. Transform charge to be able to call in one or so year normally. Serve as control equipment with veneer small computer commonly, it is actuator into electric machinery with the pace, transform general accuracy machine tool machine tool of simple and easy numerical control. Withheld the versatility of primary machine tool already via transforming the machine tool after, increased the characteristic that place of a lot of traditional machine tool do not have again, if be opposite automatically,return the function such as origin speed of feed of compensation of knife, clearance, self-correcting, automatically. This kind of machine tool applies to lever axis especially kind, dish kind of spare parts and the treatment of frequent, take turns that contain part of taper, spherical medium and complex degree. The working process of system of numerical control of lathe of economy numerical control is as follows: (1) inputs much spare parts machine program to pass communication to means loses a person from exterior computer and come commonly. Does numerical control system have: of two kinds of different way of work losing a person commonly? The DNC means) that extensive pledges M of Qianling Cong suck needs? says normally namely, this kind of means is used at longer program, namely the treatment; of complex part is another kind musical instrument the memory that machine program is defeated by interior of system of person numerical control entirely, when treatment again by memory a paragraph a paragraph of ground numerates undertake the spare parts is machined. Specific use which kinds of means, inspect numerical control system to the memory of memory is measured and be decided. (The outline message that 2) coding conveys the person's block to contain a part (start, terminal, linear, circular arc) , the treatment speed of the requirement and other auxiliary information (change speed of rotate speed of knife, main shaft, feed, cooling fluid to wait for) . Systematic computer relies on translation program to identify these instruction marks, translation program translates spare parts machine program into language of level-headed of systematic computer interior. (Data processing data processing includes 3) commonly computation of compensation of cutting tool radius, speed and the processing that assist a function. Compensation of radius of numerical control cutting tool is a basis cutting tool radius is worth a cutting tool of translate into of contrail of spare parts outline central contrail. Speed computation is to settle this machine program paragraph the problem that moves with what kind of speed. If change the processing of the data such as knife, cooling fluid,still have auxiliary function additionally. (4) interpolation (namely axial feed moves) in the effective treatment in the machine tool, be gotten on by treatment outline appearance differ in thousands ways. Say strictly, to satisfy the requirement of geometrical dimension precision, the outline appearance of well and truly according to workpiece generates contrail of cutting tool center. To simple curve, numerical control system comes true easily, but to more complex form, if generate contrail of cutting tool center directly, will naturally make computational method becomes very complex, computational workload also increases accordingly greatly. Accordingly, in applying actually, often use line of one small Duan Zhi or circular arc to approach (or call plan to close) curve, some circumstances also bite with using parabola, elliptical, hyperbola is mixed other tall second curve goes approaching a curve. Alleged interpolation, it is to be in foregone after the sort of a curve, start, terminus and feed speed, what undertake between start and terminus data is nodded is close change, approach complex curve thereby with multistage and simple curve. Operation of interpolation of course of numerical control system is backward servo issues a statement, the feed that realizes each reference axis thereby moves, of the spare parts that finish add. CNC Milling