Type selecting of software of CAD of project machinery industry is analysed

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CAD technology is the main tool that product innovation designs and core technology, also be enterprise informatization project cut a point. The article introduces all sorts of CAD software characteristics and technical current situation, the type selecting of software of CAD of mechanical to the project industry undertakes an analysis. The product is different to the demand of CAD software function the enterprise because product structure, producer type and constituent management form are different, have diverse demand to the function of CAD software. From the point of most enterprise and CAD application circumstance, have as above demand roughly to the function of CAD software: (1) the computer function of 2 dimension plot. "Throw drawing board " put brainpower from the solution in trival manual plot, it is the main goal of CAD application project, also be the basiccest function of CAD technology. (2) the computer assists craft to design (CAPP) function, manufacturing technology is an enterprise from the bridge that designs treatment, CAPP software should have technology design, craft designs task management, material norm provides the function such as the quantity, realize process standardization, assure to obtain the procedure of high quality, raise the efficiency that industry technology weaves and standardization. (3) three-dimensional design, assemble a design, curved surface design, ban gold is designed, finite yuan of design, orgnaization motion is emulated, note model analysis, the three-dimensional CAD/CAM function such as CNC Machining, can solve the three-dimensional design of the enterprise, fictitious design and assemble, orgnaization motion is analysed, stress meet an emergency is analysed, ban gold spread out and discharge the difficulty such as appearance, make the enterprise moves toward true CAD design. (4) product data manages PDM. The design of complex product and development, want to consider products plan to develop a result not only, and the tubal amount that must consider products plan to develop a process and control, all data of lifecycle of product tubal an amount (include blueprint technology documentation) and the process that the product develops, make the data of the systematic implementation such as CAD, CAPP, CAM is shared, make standardization of products plan job maintains consistency, assure blueprint, process card, process code, technical data the security that wait. (5) the application software of the enterprise. The enterprise is introducing 2 dimension / on the foundation of three-dimensional CAD/CAPP/CAE/CAM/PDM, 2 development that have in the light of the technical feature place of this enterprise, be like Chinese change, emblem mark, industry mark library is built, the augment of graph library is waited a moment. According to the characteristic of this company product, build an analysis, emulate optimize, wait for system of special or professional CAD into devoir analyse, mix introduce and CAD system is compositive, form the CAD system of this enterprise. Make design initial stage, slow-witted in order to know the structural characteristic of the product and property, use academic design, experience design and expert fasten the artificial intelligence technology such as all, the design blemish is eliminated in initiative phase, make CAD design results from traditional design prep above tradition is designed, move toward intelligent design finally. The software of CAD of   of characteristic of CAD system technology of the popularity on the market can be divided roughly for system of CAD of high-end UNIX workstation, system of CAD of Windows personal computer and system of CAD of personal computer of low Duan Erwei are carried to wait for 3 kinds in. 1, system of CAD of high-end UINX workstation the characteristic of this kind of system is, UNIX operating system is the platform that prop up, develop from 50 time up to now, produced a lot of famous software, also make a lot of once celebrated temporarily software is in besides the fogyism in contending for, some is reorganizationed by annex, be like Appilcon, CADAM, intergraph. Current, popularity compares in this kind of system have: (1) the Pro/Engineer software of PTC company uses parameter to found an army modular technology, change with onefold database and parameter, be based on a feature, completely relevant couplet is a feature. Newest the Pro/Engineer2000i that roll out uses target drive to design a tool, behavior builds model and technology of example apply mechanically, improve design performance. (2) the I-DEAS software of SDRC company. The method building a model of I-DESMasterSeries software is based on special piece the hypostatic technology that build a model, it is a feature with hypostatic modelling and collateral dependency. (3) the UGH software of EDS company. The method that build a model builds a model to mix. Automobile industry builds modular model. Design an analysis, treatment produces the distinguishing feature with wait for a respect to have particular. Of UGH software oh be, application is compositive, CAM and curved surface. (4) the CADDS5 software of CV company. Use mix build a model, provide parameter model, complete set project is analysed, curved surface, assemble all right wait for powerful function, unite a database, graphical interface, its strong point is: Company product data manages and assemble modular form to apply all right. (5) the CIMATRON software of Israel Cimatron company. Can provide excellent three-dimensional model, project plot, CNC Machining, and compositive the PDM that change, its strong point is CAM. (6) the Euclid3 software of MatraDatavision company. Use mix the method that build a model, the function such as modelling of Qu Cheng design and CNC Machining process designing is powerful. Its strong point is detailed design and CAM. (7) the CATIA software of IBM/Dassualt company, use mix the method that build a model, its strong point is application compositive with CAM. (8) day establishs formula of individual plant of shipbuilding information system the GRADE/CUBE-NC software of can real company. Having outstanding characteristic is to face make, have those who abound is practical change curved surface modelling and treatment process designing. 2, in the CAD system that carries personal computer the development as computer technology, especially the development of the function of personal computer and Windows technology, already made personal computer has the actual strength of the competition of cheap UNIX workstation in having, also make the system of personal computer CAD that is based on Windows technology develops quickly. Current, the most popular has Solidworks company Solidworks software on international, the MDT software of the SolidEdge software of UG company and Autodesk company, home also rolls out the GEMS of center of Tsinghua CAD engineering, short for Zhejiang Province greatly the GSMASD of weather firm, beijing megalosaurus vacates the Long Teng CAD of the company, the MicroSolid that Beijing loves appropriate spy company, Jiangsu outstanding the CAXA-ME that overcomes preterhuman CAD/CAM and Hua Zhenggong to manage surely. (1) Solidworks98 software. Include shape to match a design to build a model, hardware design builds a model, the module such as project attempt and Ban gold, still with high image apply colours to a drawing software Photoworks, advanced and finite yuan of analytic software Cosmos, kinematics of mechanism analyses software Motionworks, product data manages (PDM) software SmarTeam, and CNC Machining famous with the analysis software is not had seam compositive. Solidworks and FeatureWorks technology, solved what the feature cannot identify when changing a model between different CAD system to give a title. Solidworks returns a holiday to start the completely relevant design with from above to below, depend on efficient the assembly that move is designed make become solid make a technology. (2) SolidEdge6.

0 software. Use Parasolid modelling kernel and STREAM technology, be based on Windows operating system, and change system of three-dimensional and hypostatic model with the three number with Microsoft product compatible photograph completely, provided hypostatic model, ban gold, n/arc drafting, assemble, plastic pattern is provided and cast a design, product apply colours to a drawing and documentation provide the function such as the quantity, can not have with COSMOS, IPA, SmarEdge seam compositive. (3) MeshanicalDesktop(MDT)3.

0 software. Use ACIS4.

System of core of 2 geometry modelling, carry Shi to be based on a feature to turn hypostatic model for parameter, curved surface modelling, assemble, associated plot and draft function, included part of complete AutoCAD plot tool, with AutoCAD complete be in harmony is an organic whole. (4) in homebred three-dimensional CAD software, microsolid uses ACIS to serve as systematic kernel, GEMS, GS-MCAF, dragon is vacated, preterhuman CAD/CAM three-dimensional system is the system of curved surface model that side overweight faces treatment. 3, low end CAD system --   of system of 2 dimension CAD (1) AutoCAD software. Pure system of 2 dimension CAD is in abroad already not much, truly famous is the AutoCAD software of Autodesk company. AutoCADR14 provides a rich design tool, the specific requirement that built-in Internet technology and the ObjictARX that have innovation sex, Autolisp and VBA programming language can help development staff and user press them controls software. AutoCAD2000 provided more easy design environment, raised data to visit ability, software applicability and stronger custom-built with development capacity, patulous Internet system designs the communication of information, raise a file to output / input, editor / the object takes the rate with n/arc drafting, can undertake operating at the same time to many graphs file, supportive much task designs an environment (MDE) , still offer a share the function that leave. (2) homebred software of 2 dimension CAD, the system of 2 dimension CAD that at present software of popular 2 dimension CAD is own development platform and own edition, if open eye CAD, be like Gao Hua CAD, triumphant amount to BCAD, big ZDDS of short for Zhejiang Province, PICAD of Chinese Academy of Sciences and plate of electron of Hua Zheng CAXA are waited a moment. Another kind is the system of 2 dimension CAD that is platform with AutoCAD, be like benefit Ma CAD, big constant CAD. Software of homebred CAD2 dimension transforms plot in parameter, dynamic navigation, the 3 watches such as list BOM are generated, tolerancepublic errand standard, mechanical spare parts designs reserve of standard component plan and project blueprint to be in charge of the respect such as the quantity to have stronger distinguishing feature. Of the technology of development trend CAD of CAD technology perfect and develop, main show is in the following respects: (1) the technology that build a model. By form of model of line draw a frame round, hypostatic model and blame are even algorithm of justifiable B batten is a feature, a few build a model to already developed parameter to change, variable is changed and the feature is changed, variable is changed and the feature builds a model, and of future face product lifecycle, the interior in realizing product lifecycle describes information (products plan, plan, make, treatment, assemble, examine wait for information) become with the collect of exterior process special piece the product builds modular technology. Parameter drive, diagnostic modelling, dynamic navigation, 2 / three-dimensional and two-way relevant, STEP standard and dynamic graph show the elite that waits for UNIX system already was sucked adequately to get system of CAD of new generation personal computer in, and diagnostic tree is a when introduce in CAD software in recent years very effective technology. The research of technology of model of the concern that faces product lifecycle product is rising ceaselessly. (2) software package technology. Can improve the stability of software and development efficiency. Solidworks, solidege all introduces Parasolid geometry model implement, MDT, microsolid all introduces ACIS geometry model implement etc. (3) Windows technology and Internet technology. A lot of companies, developing the research of its software technology centre of gravity to center at the field of 3 old techniques that developing flourishingly like Autodesk: Object technology, three-dimensional technology and Internet technology, these core technology dominant are worn the development direction of global design industry. (4) intelligent CAD technology, intelligent technology has important place in CAD system lieutenant general, expert system. The technology such as intelligent project, the design experience of expert of domain of have the aid of, be accumulated ceaselessly and update, form knowledge base of company products plan, it is the valuable resource of business development product. The type selecting of software of CAD of project machinery industry passes old effort, project machinery industry applied a respect to already obtained many positive result in CAD technology. To three-dimensional CAD software, the product of the famousest a few companies on the world, wait like Pro/Engineer, UGII, I-DEAS, Solidworks, MDT, already used in company of main project machinery. But software of professional CAD respect is less, except " 75 " during institute of Tianjin project machine assumes the national science and technology of one to tackle key problem project " annulus system of CAD of type fork-lift truck " besides, with aid university, jilin industry university also developed software of partial project machine. Current, WLCAD system transplants successfully Windows environment, popularizing application. CNC Milling