Charge time halve! TI releases MaxCharge technology

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Charger of batteries of 5A of ion of lithium of first only part inside course of study IC can come true inside 30 minutes of 80% fill n recently, heart state apparatus (TI) rolled out course of study inside use the sheet of completely compositive 5A that has MaxCharge technology only first times section lithium is ionic (circuit of Li-ion) batteries charger. Compare with existing batteries charger, this parts of an apparatus will charge time reduced half above, highest but will charge time decreases 60% , while this makes an user OK come true to charge quickly, won't be given out heat again the worry of excessive. Charger of Bq25892 switch mode carries a trade in utmost ground the fastest charge while time place has some advantages, offer for the user more safe charge experience. To promote an user the experience, the electron in lengthening numerous lithium ion to apply yuan the service life of parts of an apparatus, maxCharge technology shortened charge the quantity of heat of the generation when time decreased to charge, these application include computer of smartphone, flat, unmanned aircraft, mobile power source and industry and medical treatment facility. Be together through the MaxCharge technology mix that power source of DC/DC of narrow cut voltage way management and TI roll out this, achieve in electric current 3.

When 5A, temperature rises only the least 18C, can realize fast, small calorific amount easily to charge, be as high as 5A in charging current when the input voltage that support is as high as 14V. Characteristic and advantage: · comes true through supporting tall input voltage the fastest charge: 5A of first support inside course of study charging current and the only part that are as high as 14V to input voltage charger of lithium ion batteries. · is the most efficient: Inputting voltage (Vin) is 9V, electric current is 3.

The charge efficiency when 5A is as high as 91% , temperature rises only 18C. · is safer charge: Design personnel passes control IC temperature and use road of thermal conditioning annulus to optimize hot property to decrease to come loose too much hot. Electric current of complement of · tall batteries: Charger can break out the discharge electricity that provides peak value 9A for on-line system power. · simple design is compositive: Cite a base to with the Bq24192 series product of TI cite a base compatible. The only part that design of this fast charger uses at be in to have TI batteries coulombmeter works in portable equipment. For example, have equipment of TI MaxCharge technology and technology of coulombmeter of TI MaxLifeTM batteries pair, in order to ensure the longer battery service life in portable electron product is mixed more safe charge. Tool and support get I2C pilot, 1S, 5A fast charger is brand-new a character in TI Designs referenced design turns a product, TIDA-00538, it is used face tall input voltage and adjustable the MaxCharge technology of USB OTG step up, this technology can begin is used namely, with reducing batteries to charge time is discharging run time of level promotion batteries. Charger of Bq25892 of the circumstance that offer money already was measured produce, the fraction that can carry TI Store and TI accredit sells dealer network to buy. The product uses 4mm X 4mm, the 24 all directions that cite a base are compressed without down-lead (QFN) is enclosed. Use at the Bq25890 of smartphone and flat computer and Bq25892, in addition, TI rolls out this brand-new Bq25895, this parts of an apparatus supports mobile power source. CNC Milling