Competition upgrades road of Chengdu Electromechanical market is in He Fang

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Recently, chengdu Electromechanical market does not calm quite, the government undertakes to one annulus road the circle is a busy picture everywhere transforming business of golden government office, city of city of Electromechanical of hardware of 10 thousand be linked together, hardware of Electromechanical of golden government office 2 period in also be being built in full blast, whole gold government office is peremptory became a big building site, opportunity of survival is infinite. City of rolled steel of government office of city of city of the long Electromechanical city that still doing business, Electromechanical of golden government office, lamps and lanterns of golden government office, gold and the digital port that are about to build, make group of trade of golden government office formed market group effect stage by stage. And the author understands recently, below this form business encircled golden government office to be added again " heavy pound bomb " -- , golden government office western hardware Electromechanical city begins formally to enrol business yesterday, the dimensions that business of whole gold government office encircles will continue to expand, competition also will stride a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position undoubtedly. Face competition, business of golden government office encircles market measure to whether had had many to disrelish, how will numerous market seek progress again in competition, how Where is break out of an encirclement? Taking these question, the author interviewed the numerous investment business that business of golden government office encircles, controller and businessman. Get used to the market to develop Chengdu Electromechanical to called market of Electromechanical of big market Chengdu to had experienced rapid development period in last few years, formed certain dimensions, the effect that comparative was had inside countrywide limits, now new student so much market, chengdu Electromechanical market can be done after all how old, whether already saturated? This problem perplexed numerous businessman and investor. "More or less is the Electromechanical market of Chengdu to see its amount, see the market whether still have the demand that continues to develop however " , regard Chengdu Electromechanical as the market from do not have have, arrive as a child introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad general manager of city of Electromechanical of golden government office tells big vital witness the author, "Chengdu Electromechanical market grows today, still get used to the development of city and market, still have vast space, the generation that Chengdu Electromechanical market calls big market and development " . Well-known, the economic progress level of Chengdu is in in last few years advance rapidly, dweller standard of living also is shown rise sharply, very much small mechanical and electrical products has entered family of common common people, it is luxury no longer, this also must expand accordingly with respect to the dimensions that decided Chengdu Electromechanical market. Chengdu Electromechanical market passes development of more than 20 years, market fractionize is more and more apparent also, a street becomes pupil endowment on the west little money high-quality goods a street, and business of golden government office encircled a development to make the demand that can get used to big medium and small businesses at the same time, in order to satisfy pair of land and traffic requirement the Chengdu Electromechanical that Electromechanical of higher large steel products, hardware, mechanical equipment gives priority to distribution centre, what the society divides the work is different bring about Chengdu Electromechanical world to need new-style big market to get used to its to develop, appear in golden government office numerous market also became a kind inevitable. Additional, chengdu is important place of a trade, right the cloud, expensive, plain, change and other western province has extremely strong economy radiant energy force, can saying Chengdu Electromechanical market is most western Electromechanical market, so, chengdu Electromechanical market should with a view to western Electromechanical big market, and cannot market of mainland of Chengdu of bureau be confined to. Electromechanical market is experiencing Chengdu to upgrade at present the decay of replacement, market of strong also demand continues to do do greatly strong, carry archives to upgrade, in order to get used to the development demand of city and economy. Turn on the water raise fishmonger home of big market of demand of development of lively market of flourishing criterion market appear, big market also comes into being subsequently, but market competition is cruelty after all, not all market can hover freely in fresh gale heavy rain. How to live in competition, if where,the development in competition made a of market of test Chengdu Electromechanical austere task. "Work hard only, prevent hype, yield benefit at the businessman, let a businessman get live and be doinged be doinged greatly strong, the market is automatical also dish lived " , the golden official residence that developed market of food of 5 city of Electromechanical of government office of city of rolled steel of golden government office, gold, stone successfully western Deng of hardware Electromechanical city always says so, "The relation of the market and businessman, be like the relation of fish and water, only powerful businessman just has powerful market " . As we have learned, the golden government office that is about to provoke business western hardware Electromechanical city the interest to assure a businessman, the formally it may be said in action business is elaborative, they do not have the advertisement bomb that blot out the sky and cover up the earth, not wantonly ostentatious, the management that depends on oneself more than 20 years however is accumulated, gave out action business to invite to professional client only, the rate that fry the home limitation is under 10 % , prevented effectively to fry the home to drive up thereby the happening of house price phenomenon, keep within limits the generation of market of bubble of bubble business shop. This kind of way should say is a kind of incorporate that development business bears the blame to the businessman, proving the part that develops business is not simple estate only develop business, it is the distributor of the market more, this kind of means is had in Chengdu very tall draw lessons from value, it is one of important steps of dish of lively market. Face competition, golden government office western hardware Electromechanical city was dish of lively market to do a lot of active exploration, run the market hard, the live way that sought to fall in new condition. After they are being made an appointment with with businessman autograph, the end that is not its service begins however, they adopted the market to be managed by professional personage, run, the form of businessman alliance, develop the market jointly, the enthusiasm that assured a businessman and participate in a gender; Introduce large content to shed a company to enter halt, build brand-new content to flow deserve to send a system, the means of freight allowance reflected the market to be businessman consider everywhere, for the businessman managing management cost...   anyhow, why to no matter adopt,plant means, assured the businessman's benefit only, ability assures the benefit of the market, this is Chengdu Electromechanical market also be other market live this. So, the saturation of the market, do not depend on the amount of market measure, and the development of the market must first client and businessman, final ability is market itself, "Turn on the water pisciculture " , water is only much, the fish just just can be met more fresh, pond also ability is exuberant. (Chengdu daily) CNC Milling