Equipment of spot welding of car automobile body is summed up

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Resistance welding provides some to use concentration of inner heat source, quantity of heat, heat to affect an area small, product is out of shape small the appearance with can be obtained better processes quality, easy operation, do not use adscititious solder the characteristic such as bad news material, make its are become solder efficiency of quality stability, production is tall, implement automation easily of mass production at present the most commonly used solder one of methods, apply extensively at facilities of furniture of electric equipment of car vehicle, aerospace, home appliance, steeliness, transportation, Bao Birong implement, a variety of production domains such as car component, especially in recent years our country auto industry develops at full speed, make resistance welding application increase ceaselessly, year after year of output of welder of our country resistor promotes considerably. Resistance welding machine produces per year a quantity to be jumped by thousands of several years ago rise in recent years several. Resistance welding machine applies on auto industry, the automobile body that basically is the laminose structure strike out form is enclothed in its workpiece is built receive joint to use resistor to heat up fused metal to form solder to nod, it is weldment couplet an organic whole. The solder dot of automobile body of a car is about between 3500~5000 dot. Spot welding of car automobile body is one of main forms of resistance welding, solder of car automobile body installs used spot welding device to occupy the 90 % above of product of all resistance welding. Basically have 3 kinds with the spot welding machine that uses at outfit of solder of car automobile body: Machine of machine of common spot welding, much spot welding and spot welding robot. Machine of common spot welding is to apply to all sorts of circumstances, of all kinds solder the equipment of general spot welding of the object, also be the main facility that comprises car solder to hold automation product line. Product line of automation of car solder outfit according to its year of production program, car produces per year a quantity to differ, every product line wants chance of common spot welding a few differ to hundreds of. Machine of common spot welding is mixed according to machine structure those who use an occasion is different divide again order welder and aircraft of stationary spot welding for movable type; Machine of movable type spot welding differs according to its structure, divide again mix for machine of overhead suspension spot welding portable spot welding machine. Machine of much spot welding is the outfit that it is solder those who make is specific work design, special solder equipment, its advantage is production efficiency is tall, suit large quantities of breed that measure sheet to produce, apply to solder to hold structural figure complex, solder nods concentrated, connect to take a side difficulty of small, operation, solder the workpiece that quality assures to wait for an element hard. Its defect is installation cost much, special sex is strong, will progressively by solder robot and combination of corresponding tool clamping apparatus are replaced. Machine of much spot welding is divided use at soldering besides all sorts of car component, still apply at electric home appliancesCNC Milling