E/HWD establish milling cutter

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  • source:AYOR CNC Machining
The small diameter round head that Toshiba Tungaloy company produces stands milling cutter, basically use at the half rough machining of the mould and semifinishing machining. Cutting tool characteristic: ① forms whole small diameter set, EWD establish milling cutter to take a power, HWD can change for cutting head establish milling cutter. Former diameter limits is 10 ~ 25mm, latter is 10 ~ 42mm. ② treatment efficiency is tall, e/HWD establishs milling cutter to use small cut cutting of deep big feed, the heat in metal cutting that blade needle produces is inferior, accordingly cutting rate can rise 2 ~ 3 times; Bit is a circle, the generated ply that cut bits is lesser, because this every tine feed is optional bigger. ③ cutting tool takes aspirated aperture, use compress air to will cut bits to be blown, won't produce the phenomenon that block bits up. ④ stands milling cutter can undertake step cutting, grooving, cut a variety of operation such as aperture of oblique plane, treatment. Material of ⑤ razor blade is AH120 of coating hard alloy, hear resistance is tall, life is 3 times of other company razor blade. CNC Milling