In summarizing large mix arenaceous machine the design program of gearing

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We are in the process that has mixing arenaceous machine series designing, ever was opposite the gearing that mixes arenaceous machine domestic and internationally undertook consider and be analyticed. All sorts of Hun are arenaceous although the gearing of machine differs somewhat on particular structure, cardinal principle of form of Dan Jian outfit is same. Namely: ? Male of  of full of bully joke warm up wears ankle of Mei of   pa lie direct drive mixes the low speed axis of? reducer arenaceous orgnaization. The advantage of form of this kind of drive is a structure more compact, the quality of reducer is relatively a few smaller, the gearing of this kind of form to medium or small mixing arenaceous machine is more appropriate. And in be opposite large mix arenaceous machine, this kind of gearing is put in a few to inscribe in make and be used: 1, machine difficulty to mix arenaceous engine chassis greatly above the datum plane that covers to install pillar, the datum plane that installs reducer is below. Its machine precision to will affect the transmission quality of gearing directly. 2, installation, because reducer structure is old,maintain inconvenience and heavy, need to make one appropriative raise when installation piece raise reducer tall, undertake chassis condole installing; to reducer again or retroflexion chassis 180. Prop up with bracket, reducer also needs to retroflexion 1800 undertake installing. Installation ends again overall retroflexion 1800. When debugging, if discover reducer needs to ravel,undertake check and be adjustmented, still need to repeat afore-mentioned installation processes, process of this kind of installation is very troublesome, easy also generation is dangerous. When in production the spot undertakes heavying repair to reducer, need to mix whole platform arenaceous machine swing to come out to just can undertake tearing open installing. Apparent, the gearing of this kind of form gives installation, adjust and spot maintenance brings a lot of difficulty and trouble. 3, turn into line space carry hard before outfit machine and check in view of mix the arenaceous machine special requirement to its gearing, on the foundation that studies an analysis, the gearing that decides S1122 and S1322 mix arenaceous machine adopts plan of the following design: 1, reducer uses an outfit formula. Reducer, electromotor and mix arenaceous machine foot to all be installed go up in a base. 2, the transmission system that mixes arenaceous machine cent is two parts. Part the take-off of reducer and the main shaft that mix arenaceous orgnaization namely, both between use connection of roller chain shaft coupling, made synchronism is rotational. 3, hydraulic coincidence is used between reducer and electromotor implement connection. CNC Milling