Turning and milling replace grinding

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Till a few years before, have no alternative besides grinding. Although have, also be to use treatment hardness to be more than 55HRC workpiece, it treatment becomes final figure, and exterior quality is high. As the development of material of tall hardness cutting and relevant machine tool, limit of this kind of hardness was broken through. This is helpful for deploying OK adjustment the machine tool of the cutting tool of geometrical angle undertakes turning. Bore, abrade with milling. Current, the expert reckons hardness limit can achieve 65 HRC. Hard turning more and more technical manager Dr. Klaus Christoffel that becomes the economy that replaces grinding to choose Inc. of Sandvik of much husband of Du Sai Er thinks: Use OK adjustment the cutting tool of geometrical angle undertakes hard cutting is machined, very great progress was obtained inside the last few years. Can use in very much use circumstance replace grinding. Klaus Christoffel says: "Apply to arc especially, make transmission for instance. " deploy but the machine tool of angle of geometry of cutting of optional set cutting tool jumps over art to invade grinding more more feudal. Below a lot of circumstances, turning, bore, milling is abrade perhaps the issue that replaces grinding to become of course, and this is far still did not reach peak. Be located in Dr of machine tool of Aalen city nicety. Manager of Kress KG business Dr. Dieter Kress is certain: CBN is prospective material, contain is worn tremendous development potential. He believes: After a few years, grinding will be replaced by hard milling. To show the performance of hard milling, he listed the finish machining that is the same as lane of tall nicety of dynamical connecting rod. The bell form chamfer of this kind of connecting rod, among them lane uses machine tool of 4 cutting tool to undertake hard milling in order to work paragraph of made way. The advantage of this kind of means is to raise precision, shorten manufacturing time, also can be opposite on this foundation if the other part of connecting rod deploys the connecting rod of 6 lane to undertake hard milling. The hardness of material is 58-62 HRC. Compare with grinding photograph, the advantage of hard milling is clearly. In machine tool and mould production, from milling soft blank is machined to final handiwork (polishing) , need 7 treatment working procedure before. Use hard milling to be able to reduce 2 production process: Corrode and again sclerotic, raised precision at the same time. The work that passes treatment is out of shape without occurrence sclerosis, the manufacturing time of so OK and managing 30%-40% , a large number of managing cost. Graph 2 fast to shaft coupling accurate lane undertake hard milling, this had proved is feasible graph 1 use as here the material CBN of cutting tool still has tremendous potential to be in bore (demand of eyelet surface quality is very high) respect, it is effective that hard processing also proves. The high-pressured pump interior that making with forged steel and hard steel gets a diameter to be 65mm aperture ancon, use first deploy machine tool of CBN double knife to undertake beforehand bore, next reoccupy finish machining of reamer of Chan Ren of a CBN. Back-to-back, undertake form grind, the purpose is the exterior structure that forms to anticipate. If beforehand the cutting speed of bore is 150m/min, the cutting speed of finish machining is 100m/min, cutting tool durability in order to machine 900 or 400 Kong Wei are accurate, can achieve so above descriptive effect. Of course, good on had added. The hardness that exceeds atomic hard alloy and bending strength bright already rose, heat conduction function is reduced, squeeze into the use that originally this is cubic ammoniation boracic machine tool and grinding feudal. However, with all sorts of coating only union rises, fine metal and exceed ability of atomic hard alloy to develop his adequately be mixed firm in the brim the assorted of tall ductility respect can. The function carrier when good treatment is new matrix and whole coating system not merely, and the angle of cutting blade geometry that the machine tool optimizes as much important. It is milling and bore not merely, and look from economic angle, turning also more and more make the choice that replaces grinding. Accordingly, be in last and when uninterrupted cutting, right in order to use the CBN of Hoffmann group but dislocation razor blade is highest to hardness the workpiece that amounts to 62HRC undertakes hard turning. This kind of CBN but dislocation razor blade falls in certain circumstance, can use replace very costly, the outline grinding of take time and costly. Such " hard work " make the tool is in " fatigue " in, such tool, its load in machinery and hot field is very big, can use the cutting tool data that match only accordingly. "So, the cutting tool data that is used at good treatment and machine tool must have the characteristic of thermal stability and wear-resisting caustic above all, the condition of a premise that also is the hard processing that has good economic benefits to the corresponding cutting geometry angle that match of course " , this is the specific specification that Chris-toffel asks to the machine tool. Pottery and porcelain and CBN are located in what knife hardness expresses to go up upright, but hard alloy and cermet are applicable also below certain and attrib border condition. Graph the machine tool of 3 integrated turning and grinding, the dominant position that develops two kinds of methods is whole the trends with corresponding system is rigid, be like workpiece lathe bed of main shaft of installation of fixed, cutting tool, cutting tool, machine tool, machine tool as much important. Only such, just avoid vibration likely, this is a when raise radial vibration and appearance respect to make precision use CBN, fundamental premise. Apply to top quality demand especially, replace grinding with hard turning for instance treatment is acicular axle sleeve. The stylist JensRolle of manufacturer of lathe of Chemnitz city Niles-simmons from for: "Good to make the quality of exterior quality and grinding same, the radial of working axis and axial vibration must maintain in 2µm. Digital linear measures system and good temperature compensation performance also is indispensable. This is very high demand, whole system must satisfy such requirement. Although be compensated inside µ limits, also must avoid creeping effect. Invest center of a turning or the charge of lathe far under the cost that purchases a grinding machine. The value concern power that tool of factory of machine tool of Salach city Emag and engineer of technical manager Dr. Ulrich Walter understand to the earth's surface amounted to hard turning: "The charge of a lathe is equivalent to the half of total cost of a grinder only. " additional, put together of working procedure of much talk grinding synthesizes a exclusive hard turning to operate, need clamp work only, such making that the security with treatment process has dimension precision to rise apparently. The craft level of hard turning depends on the high demand to precision. "When finish machining, allow the common error of IT5/6, the treatment security of grinding rises apparently, use only measure paragraph of control, should use only in the light of incline to the processes force fine of 0 is ground, allow an error with respect to what can achieve IT4 " , it is clear that hamburger Koerber grinds engineer of selling manager of annulus liability limited company Master Peter Luetjens to represent the limit of hard turning represent the limit of hard turning. Here, modular machine tool can produce his advantage adequately: Get on two kinds of craft integratedly in a machine tool, can choose good method when machining fittings so, it is for instance below very high to exterior quality and dimension precision requirement case, can undertake rough machining with turning, have final treatment with grinding. Pass such combination, desiccate wear is a likelihood. Luetjens thinks, "It is no longer ' turning or grinding ' choice, however ' turning and grinding ' combination, become the center that craft develops. The end that such doing is, in a machine tool last time when clamp workpiece has complete treatment, turning and grinding complement each other, achieve economic advantage thereby. The advantage of turning is the flexibility when brief cutting and speed, the advantage of grinding is the precision when machining small surplus and speed. Luetjens from for: "Union of two kinds of methods is used, make full use of somes the advantage of two kinds of methods and the opportunity that prevent critical numerical value are great, because this machines a process to make a person authentic, tone whole lathe is more simple, to the machine tool use have profit more. " grinder production manufacturer did not admit hard turning however. "Turning and milling recaptured 80 time only first be ground greatly to reave feudal one fraction, " Luetjens was made compare relatively. He saw a kind of as reverse as this development trend even: "Because advanced technology was used on the production of semifinished product, make the mental allowance of semifinished product becomes very small, hard turning is replaced by grinding again, because the mental allowance of turning is too small, rock is too fierce. " he thinks, the grinding order that increased 27% 2000 makes clear: People faces OK adjustment the hard turning of geometrical angle is right with not bat an eyelid. CNC Milling