Stainless steel is compound board solder technical point

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Stainless steel is compound board be by answer layer (stainless steel) with basic level (carbolic steel, low-alloy steel) compound rolling and become bimetallic, assure to be able to bear or endure by answer layer corrode function, intensity basically relies on basic level to obtain, so OK and managing many stainless steel, have good economic value. Stainless steel is compound board because have good integral performance and price advantage, increasingly wide application receives in the domain such as industry of petro-chemical, food. Stainless steel is compound board solder to be different from stainless steel already, also be different from carbolic steel or low-alloy steel, and have its characteristic and difficulty. One, stainless steel is compound board solder the characteristic considers from design angle, stainless steel answer the basic level of plywood basically is to assure intensity, answer layer basically is to make sure its are able to bear or endure corrode function, the transition that increases among the layer just solders the need of craft. Do not lose its original integral performance to assure compound armor plate, need parts with answer layer to basic level solder. Mix besides basic level of answer layer outside soldering, still have transfer a soldering problem, this is stainless steel answer the main characteristic that plywood solders. Of answer layer welding line and basic level welding line ask, and appropriate uses answer layer welding line and boundary of capable person of basic level mother transfer welding line. Basic level and the transition of answer layer the layer solders is stainless steel answer the key that plywood solders. 2, stainless steel is compound board solder technical point 1. Solder methodological choice solders stainless steel is compound board when, basic level uses welding rod arc welding mostly. The stainless steel with big to the diameter, big ply is compound board product, basic level also can use the solder that bury arc. Basic level uses the advantage of the solder that bury arc is many sided: Manufacturing efficiency figuration of actor of quality of tall, welding line, surface condition of beautiful, labor is good, economic solder material and electric energy. Transfer the layer solders with answer layer, the most commonly used method is welding rod arc welding. 2. Solder craft assess GBl50 1998 " steeliness pressure vessel " regulation, always solder new material, newly craft all should undertake soldering craft assess. Solder craft assess should solder with reliable rolled steel function experiment is a basis, finish before the product solders. Stainless steel is compound board whether through soldering craft assess, it is stainless steel answer the crucial place that plywood solders. Current, stainless steel answer the welder of plywood art assess should according to JB 4708 ~ 2000 " steeliness pressure vessel solders craft assess " the appendix of appendix A(standard) " stainless steel clad steel solders craft assess " undertake, abide by the concerned regulation of this standard text. 3. Solder the choice stainless steel of material is compound board solder material according to JB / T 4709, 2000 " steeliness pressure vessel solders regulations " the appendix of text and appendix A(standard) " stainless steel clad steel solders regulations " watch A1 is recommended choose. Stainless steel is compound board transfer the soldering of the layer is very important, transfer the layer solders the option of material is very important also. Solder transfer the purpose of the layer, it is to compensate the alloying element that causes as a result of attenuant place (wait like chromic, nickel) reduce, make the alloy composition of answer layer welding line maintains due level. Transfer when the layer solders, of steel of basic level structure local and fused make composition of alloy of stainless steel welding line attenuant. In the meantime, still have chromic, nickel the problem burning caustic of alloying element. The chromium in can dropping stainless steel welding line so, nickel alloying element content, increase the amount containing carbon of stainless steel welding line, it is easy to make stainless steel welding line medium thereby form hard and fragile martensite organization, reduce solder the plasticity of contact, tenacity and corrosion resistance can. Accordingly, produce in actual solder deliver a child in, to compensate the loss of these alloying element, make transfer the level that the alloy function of the layer maintains due, should choose contain the alloying element quantity such as Cr, Ni to be mixed high the quantity that contain carbon solders lowly material, but also should consider crack resistance, control the attenuant rate of welding line. Such ability are soldering normally below parameter, get the welding line of double appearance organization, avoid generation to a large number of martensite are organized and solder cold crack. In stainless steel answer plywood transfers the layer solders in, existing not only the dilute of alloying element and burn caustic, and still have organization and qualitative change. Accordingly, set out from the security that assures intermediate zone, use abstruse 307, abstruse 312 model welding rod is more appropriate. 4. Groove design should ask according to the design or craft condition chooses standard groove or design groove by oneself. Stainless steel answer the groove of plywood should be helpful for decreasing transfer the attenuant rate of metal of layer welding line. Stainless steel is compound board form of commonly used groove and dimension can press JB / T4709-2000 " steeliness pressure vessel solders regulations " the appendix of appendix A(standard) " stainless steel clad steel solders regulations " A2 of graph A1, graph is chosen, refer to a graph 1, graph 2. Graph 1, the graph shows 2 times solder the reference when groove form can use the solder that bury fox for basic level. This kind of slope the advantage of a few forms is: (1) groove dimension is tagged it is with answer layer fiducial, make answer layer right as far as possible neat, in order to assure its corrosion resistance can. (2) grass-roots unit is completely as separate as answer layer, facilitating solderer is operated actually. (3) is in come off when answer layer side, go to basic level dig deepness 1Mm, increased the ply of answer layer, assured to transfer layer and of answer layer solder quality, assured corrosion resistance can. (4) is designed in answer layer side 30. Bevel angle, can prevent welding line slag inclusion and incomplete fusion defect. (5) is helpful for undertaking X ray flaw detection is checked, discover flaw easily, facilitating repair. 5. Control the amount side the fault, compound to stainless steel requirement of pilot of the quantity side board fault should compare common carbon steel or low-alloy steel is gotten strictly much, control stainless steel answer the quantity side the fault of plywood does not exceed bid, it is to make sure its intensity is mixed be able to bear or endure a key of corrode function. For this, take the following step: (1) is strict according to " the accurate solution that the makings below cylindrical shell develops measure " computation spreads out length, assure to leave makings measure actually accurate. (2) makes sure canister section is rounded quality, control good circularity. (Formal size tags 3) groove to be with answer layer fiducial, ensure the quantity side the fault does not exceed bid. (4) annulus is seamed the group is right use " round annular and radial tool looking for a circle " , assure simplified circularity, make sure the group is right quality. (5) seals head and cylindrical shell group to be opposite, make sure respective net is spent above all, match cylindrical shell circumference in order to seal head circumference again, the group that assures to seal head and canister to rest confrontations quantity. (It is with answer layer when 6) group is right fiducial, prevent the quantity side answer layer fault to exceed bid. 6. The solderer that applies solder solderer to be engaged in welder of boiler pressure vessel making must be supervised according to national quality examine quarantine total bureau makes " _I of solder of path of arrow of pressure of boiler pressure vessel 2 exams and management are regular " have an examination, after obtaining solderer certificate of approval, ability is between period of efficacy inside hold the position of the welder inside eligible project scope to make. The solderer must apply solder by file of design, craft and technical standard. The solderer should play solderer embossed stamp in formulary place, the stainless steel of anticorrosive to having requirement and compound armor plate make pressure vessel must not be in anticorrosive and use imprint forcedly indicate as solderer identifying, and applied diagram records solderer code name, the user is provided in including product quality certificate diagram. 7. Solder the requirement becomes rusty for guarantee against the integral performance with steel answer original plywood, answer basic level, transfer the layer undertakes soldering respectively with answer layer. Stainless steel is compound board when soldering, should notice the following: (1) is strict according to design, welder art apply solder with relevant specification. (2) is abided by solder first basic level, solder again transfer layer, solder finally of answer layer solder ordinal. (3) is added to prevent to touch solder splatter, before applying solder, need to be in stainless steel is compound board groove brushs Tu Fang to splatter inside limits of two side 100mm coating. (Welding line of 4) fixed position allows to go up in basic level metal only use solder the welding electrode of basic level metal applies solder. (Of 5) basic level solder, should take strict precautions against basic level welding line to fuse the transition of stainless steel layer even answer layer welding line, lest the stainless steel composition of a few Gao Ge, tall nickel is attenuant,form martensite to organize in carbon steel welding line and produce sclerosis. In stainless steel welding line uses the basic level of a side to solder without what splatter as far as possible method (bury arc solder, blame for example extremely fused the) such as argon arc solder, because of carbon steel splatter can cause in answer layer surface rustily. (6) takes strict precautions against carbolic steel or low-alloy steel welding rod solders to be on answer layer or transfer solder of layer welding rod is in answer on the level. (7) solders transfer when the layer, to reduce attenuant rate, below the condition that makes sure solder is appeared, answer to use small diameter welding rod as far as possible, use sex of small normative reversal to undertake straight line solder, in order to reduce the dilute that basic level opposite crosses a welding line. (Before 8) answer layer solders, brim of careful cleared groove on answer layer groove splatter content. (When 9) answer layer solders, solder to assure quality, must control solder hot input, should adopt multilayer much talk does not swing quickly solder law, use as far as possible solder smally hot input and electric current, solder quickly. When answer layer solders, do not answer warm-up gentle is cold, take compulsive cooling step even sometimes, the retention period that in 400 ~ with reducing welding line as far as possible area of 850 % temperature asks, prevent welding line to produce austenite to taste a bound local deficient is chromic, photograph of brittleness of separate out σ , produce 475 ℃ brittleness, make sure welding line metal has good mechanical function He Kangjing to ask thereby corrode function. (10) stainless steel is compound board soldering key is to increase welding line percent of pass, reduce repair number. Because stainless steel is compound board solder the organization of contact and performance are very uneven, hot crack often arises when welding line repair. (Equipment of 11) stainless steel contacts the one side welding line of medium to should solder finally as far as possible. (Damage of surface of stainless steel of 12) strict control and splatter content. 8. Warm-up and heat treatment stainless steel are compound the warm-up before board solder and solder postheat processing press JB / T4709- - 2000 " steeliness pressure vessel solders regulations " undertake. (The warm-up before 1) solder is become stainless steel is compound board when basic level needs warm-up, answer to regard the ply of affirmatory warm-up temperature as parameter with the total ply of clad steel. When basic level needs to undertake warm-up, apply solder to transfer the welding line of the layer also must warm-up. (Stainless steel of the heat treatment after 2) solder answer the heat treatment after plywood should avoid solder as far as possible. When the heat treatment after need undertakes solder, should prevent answer layer parent material and solder separate out of carbide of the chromium in contact and form σ , . If solder postheat handles temperature to be in the sensitize temperature interval of stainless steel, the corrosion resistance that can reduce stainless steel can, make stainless steel corrodes crackle between generation brilliant. To solve this problem, can use " when microtherm is long " heat treatment means, drop heat treatment temperature appropriately namely, extend heat preservation time. 9. Solder examine to solder in basic level after ending, transfer before the layer solders with answer layer, should undertake to basic level ray flaw detection is checked commonly. Discovery exceeds mark limitation, have repair instantly. After repair ends and classics ray flaw detection checks qualification, again the level off of burnish of surface of basic level welding line answer layer side, should undertake flaw detection is checked osmotic commonly, after checking qualification through permeating flaw detection, solder again transfer layer and answer layer. Transfer the layer solders with answer layer after ending, still should undertake flaw detection is checked osmotic commonly. 3, the place on epilogue put together is narrated, stainless steel is compound board solder technical point basically has: (1) design science solders reasonably groove form. (2) controls stainless steel strictly answer the quantity side the fault of plywood. (3) chooses correctly to solder method, solder material and solder reasonably parameter. (4) asks in period of efficacy by the solderer that hold card inside hold the position of the welder inside eligible project scope to make. (5) chooses correctly to solder reasonably ordinal. (6) basic level and the transition between answer layer the layer solders is stainless steel answer the key that plywood solders, transfer the composition option of the layer is very important also. CNC Milling