Luoke Wei Er is rolled out upgrade replacement program

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Company of automation of Er of Beijing Luoke Wei was rolled out recently new-style 3 phase upgrade replacement solution. This plan applies height to control platform to replace traditional DCS system with muti_function Logix neatly, help manufacturer people reduce cost, improve productivity, and make spare parts changes support with the service more relaxed. New-style solution is manufacturer people the means that provided sex of a phase, can reduce by upgrade the cost that traditional DCS system brings, reduce risk and complexity, provide single platform the control application of compositive process and disperse. In company application, use single control platform to be able to offer a lot of advantage for manufacturer, if reduce spare parts demand, undertake flow is handled in time, reduce maintenance and groom cost. It can make the real time data that comes from different control system undertakes notting have seaming exchange, plan is made and enhance production flexibility in order to add quick decision, improve entire plant thereby compositive. Manager of project of solution of DCS of automation of Luoke Wei Er Mr MileVernak expresses: "When manufacturer considers to upgrade to a brand-new technology, what their place worries truly is wasteful and existing investment and the risk that affect pull current Cheng. The DCS that 3 phase solution provided a standard for manufacturer upgrades replacement strategy, for successful ground to more agile lay good foundation with the information that can expand and changeover of pilot system framework. " the first phase includes   this plan framework of interface of man-machine of FactoryTalkViewSite of software of Er of applied Luoke Wei replaces console of traditional man-machine interface; The 2nd phase, the user is made repeat in allow use existing I/O module with the biggest change call in existing investment while, replace traditional procedure controller with Logix controller; The 3rd phase includes framework of purify tradition I/O, with be based on Logix1756I/O platform to replace. As the one part of the solution, automation of Luoke Wei Er develops cable of component of occurrence field terminal to design, need not move to be able to replace traditional I/O except spot wiring, reduced installation cost and risk greatly. Custom-built cable outlet one aspect of the matter can insert traditional terminal component directly, and another end inserts 1756I/O module can. Automation of Luoke Wei Er upgrades to replacement tool, program and the DCS brand system that serve to be a lot of preceding technically upgrade and be designed. Especially DCS upgrades the function of replacement solution is being returned in the near future will continue to expand, the DCS platform that includes to precede for most industry undertakes plan is designed changing offerring. Existing solution applies to the DCS system of Honeywell, ABB and FisherPROVOX, of future solve case will use at the DCS system such as Westinghouse, Moore and Yokagowa. CNC Milling