Computer power monitor applies mediumly in machine tool product

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In cutting process, wait for action as a result of mechanical attrition and fuel factor, cutting tool can arise wear away, this kind wears away to make the geometrical appearance of cutting tool is changed less, make cutting tool point burned-out greatly, even avalanche. Should wear away must grind again when certain level, will affect the dimension precision of workpiece and exterior surface roughness otherwise, reduce product quality, discard as useless even. And to still can the cutting tool of cutting, if grind a knife too frequent, make machine tool productivity is reduced again, of cutting tool material use up aggravate, labor productivity to drop, manufacturing cost raises. For this, the machine tool operates a worker to must be in cutting process, be opposite ceaselessly of cutting tool wear away try to monitor, change a knife in time, grind a knife, ability overcomes afore-mentioned disadvantage. For the worker that machine tool of automation of this much to one person guard stage operates, the requirement is very slashing. Current, the wears away to already cannot get used to automation machine tool and automation degree to rise increasingly far requirement that relies on artificial and surveillant cutting tool, tatty of implementation cutting tool is automatic monitoring is automation of perfect machine tool, implementation nobody change indispensable substantial. Abroad already undertook to this many experiment studies, the country such as Japan, Germany, United States, England, Holand already cutting tool tatty automatic monitoring technology applies in actual production. It is reported, mix directly in treatment detect secondhand method of cutting tool tatty amounts to tens of planting. Current a kind of new-style power monitoring protector -- computer power monitor is used extensively. This power supervisory and control arrangement is to apply the power of electromotor to detect law principle works. Undertake cutting when the machine tool namely when, as cutting tool wear away, the bear of electromotor of machine tool main shaft reachs its electric current, the phasic buy horn between voltage and electric current will produce change, cause power change. Use rule of this one change to be able to come true to wear away to cutting tool the personal computer trends that break off is online and automatic monitoring. When power the change arrives when fair numerical value (namely the degree) that cutting tool wears away to should be ground again, detect automatically supervisory and control arrangement issues alarm signal, tool carrier is exited automatically, the machine tool quits movement automatically, jockey person can change a knife in time, grind knife and remove trouble. CNC Milling