PowerINSPECT 4 new function introduces

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0 except withheld PowerINSPECT V3.

Return outside all functions of 05 be added newly and perfected multinomial function, it is new edition below in main be added newly and perfect functional introduction. The user interface of user interface PowerINSPECT was done redesign. Include: The tool column pushbutton with new · and icon. New tool hurdle has standard measure, on the style more coherent, on the vision more absorbing, new icon can be better reflective pushbutton function. · incorporates and recombine many tools column and palette. Of · menu incorporate and recombine. Recombined PowerINSPECT entree only hurdle, reduced next amounts that draw menu, and be relevant option undertook in group. CAD of new operation of model of CAD of PowerINSPECT user interface examines window to used as same as other Delcam product window technology to make patulous, this technology makes the series product of Delcam provides continuity more. Can use individual CAD to examine window to operate CAD model now. Use this window, can: · uses line draw a frame round, obscure a line, the different combination of shadow and diaphaneity examines CAD model. · operates CAD more easily to examine (enlarge, translation, rotate and fixed position) . No matter · is online casing, shadow and other examine means to fall to be able to pass this window to carry out measure an operation. Show tag indication CAD model the tagging of specific feature or feature had following improvement: Any level that · establishs in order, surround (or pane) tag can show window is examined in CAD in. When · should operate CAD to examine, can not show temporarily surround the text in tagging. Can assure so won't the show and affects CAD to examine rate because of label. Curved surface curved surface had those who be as follows to improve: Now but the curved surface that · clicks a mouse to choose CAD model. · highlights curved surface of indication the reverse side with different color. · inverts the direction of curved surface. PowerINSPECT of much more fiducial operation can identify now.

In Dgk file many fiducial, enhanced PowerINSPECT and compatibility of other Delcam product greatly. If lade,this is meant include many fiducial.

Dgk file, what can choose to want to be used in PowerINSPECT now is fiducial. Dialog box of element of geometry of dialog box of geometrical body element includes as follows to install now: The flank – of element of · standard system no matter it by be being explored from interior still is exterior explore. This function can use at following graphs: The beginning of element of system of standard of chamfer of * of hemisphere of * of regular polygon of columnar * of conic * of * round * is azimuthal the initiative role that with the end element of system of azimuthal – standard should be explored and end horn. When CAD model includes not complete feature, this function especially applicable, this function also can use at: Feature of * three-dimensional circle / · of hemisphere of columnar * of conic * of planar * round * begins azimuthal with the end azimuthal, go up the area of angle of elevation and hemisphere of next angle of elevation and directional combination definition and direction. Complete HTML report PowerINSPECT used the new whole report method that is based on HTML technology, it is OK that this means you: · arises in the report page of PowerINSPECT directly and examine a report. · saves the report those who be independence, can pass the (of HTML network format that IE browser examines.

Mht) file. The function with dynamic bit more dynamic place did following improvement: · can be inserted below a kind of mode, choice, editor is bit more dynamic, do not need switch mode. When · is nodded to insert trends of CAD model for many curved surface, powerINSPECT inserts dynamic place automatically the closest from you curved surface to go up, and do not hint choose a certain specific curved surface. CMM is fiducial with the model fiducial (PCS) CMM is fiducial with the model fiducial (the coping that PCS) appears in order to cultivate as node. For example: X, y, the fiducial axis of Z datum plane and every data can be chosen as index. Can measuring equipment so (be opposite on the axis of CMM) neat below any: The feature that · needs referenced plane (for example, arc) · generation is right neat the element when. Generation is fiducial bought means of many fiducial generation newly: · translation is fiducial. Buy of the place outside will already fiducial origin shift goes to (in CAD fiducial go up appoint) or it is a dot feature (for example, round 1) go up generation is new fiducial. · rotates fiducial. Already will have fiducial circle a main shaft to rotate with a certain angle generation is new fiducial. · is three-dimensional - rotate fiducial. Already will put in fiducial axis to incorporate the generation on offerred three-dimensional feature is new fiducial. 2 dimension of · - rotate fiducial. Already will put in fiducial axis to incorporate the generation on offerred 2 dimension feature is new fiducial. The off line process designing with off line new process designing can be the method that measure a head (a series of the motion that measure a head) process designing. The emulation system of use PowerINSPECT, before can measuring an instrument to move, in PowerINSPECT imitate runs the way that measure a head. In machine detect the functional – that PowerINSPECT offers neat to be opposite beforehand on numerical control machine tool spare parts to detect automatically now this process is called to be in machine detect (OMV) . When the part that completes when treatment still stays on the machine tool, detect the curved surface of the spare parts, can appearing discovery of as soon as possible is wrong before expending costly attaint. Use PowerINSPECT finishs this process automatically to also can decrease detect the mistake in the process. CNC Milling