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Machine and measure the position in overall quality control of aperture to becoming increasingly important. As a result of,this is on one hand outside what round treatment makes precision is rapid rise made raise corresponding requirement to the treatment of aperture, as a result of the measurement of aperture on the other hand the circle outside difficulty comparing is measured get greatly much, bottleneck place is more in big batch production, especially deep aperture, whorl aperture, spline aperture measure have challenge sex more. Statistical process is used to control in recent production (the manufacturing process that SPG) asks with getting used to close public errand. At this moment measured value is report not just of the workpiece that be added " eligible " and " unqualified " , the double re-act that has monitoring operating mode, directive production and record product quality however is used. The tradition uses stop / connect plug guage not to have afore-mentioned effect, because it cannot provide data,information is mixed convey the computer. Gas momentum appearance is a kind of effective high accuracy aperture measure a method, but it agrees with to machine a process steadily quite, get used to mass-produced spot work environment hard sometimes. After the course is changed, it can be taken the number shows and output, also can use at statistical process to control consequently, nevertheless its volume becomes too large, cost also rises greatly. Measure with 3 coordinate with high measuring instrument machine is OK also the measurement that has opening, measure cost not only nevertheless tall, efficiency also fares badly, the outstanding performance photograph that measuring Kong Jian to concern with them is compared, with them aborning measures aperture to did not develop its strong point really. Internal diameter dial gauge is the most commonly used inside aperture measure, when measuring deep aperture or small lot workpiece, its applicability is wonderful, and investment is not high. Use inside when Kong Liangyi, if be to be measured quite, this requires special attention twice from time to tome. It is the precision of corrective compasses, offer a corrective plan only to every paragraphs of value of a quantity normally. Another it is metrical degree of linearity. These two are the main index that affects measure to measure performance. Under photograph comparing, the performance that number shows internal diameter dial gauge is more excellent. Because it can get the least value in unit process of cargo bandling -- , it is bore diameter value, and traditional internal diameter dial gauge often should operate ability a few times to read accurate aperture to be worth. So, the respect is measured to already made efficient instrument in the cylinder diameter of car engine. Now, the internal diameter dial indicator that uses carbon fiber surveying rod already can measure the deep aperture that amounts to %2m. Card of li of internal diameter cent may be the aperture that uses the most extensively measures a method, commonly used the measurement at aperture of 1 ~ 300mm. Internal diameter divided the type that li blocks to already had a lot of change: Have mechanical and electronic type; Have type was mixed at 2 o'clock at 3 o'clock type; Have measure small screw type and handgun to press move type to wait. Some already can achieve what the repetition of 1µm measures precision and 2 ~ 3µm to measure precision. A few factors that the user when the precision that considers measure should note are: Resolution, normally it should be the 1/0 left and right sides of tolerancepublic errand about. Metrical repetition precision is to point to repeat the data that measures a few times the limits of abhorrent sex. Reproduction precision is the measures data span that different person operation gets. Measured a head to press at 3 o'clock from what the number tells to show on these meanings move the Kong Liangyi inside type more comprehensive ground accorded with these a few choices to ask. Above all, it is used measured force constantly to eliminate helix to measure small when the influence that factitious operation may bring. In addition, it is oblate to aperture or show " triangle " when (the appearance after most Kong Jia is versed in uprights between appearance of these two kinds of extremes) , the reading consistency that measured at 2 o'clock becomes poor, and better land reflected the result that measured at 3 o'clock the dimension of aperture (both neither is maximum, also not be the least value, refer to attached drawing) . Aperture is shown inside oblate or not equilateral " triangle " when the appearance measure now, card of the several li that show branch deserves to go up the make it measuring a head of special design is nonstandard measure, in deep aperture, whorl (include ball raceway) , the effect with the in measuring main play of spline aperture. Tell from the point of view that measures dependability, measure chooses to want to consider applied requirement, it includes means of precision, environment, treatment to wait, those who measure an outcome is correct hang on is differentiated quite. Differentiating one of methods effectively is the measurement with circularity measuring instrument is made as a result quite. The resolution that above mentions, repeat precision, reproduction precision and school regulations precision are the index of a few technologies that checks measure performance. In addition, the use convenient sex, bulk that invests, succeed is safeguarded, the school nucleus charge element that also is consideration of the need when choosing measuring tool undoubtedly. CNC Milling