The new standard of cutting tool technology of ceaseless innovation

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Cutting tool technology is in swift and violent development, the demand that changes in order to satisfy ceaselessly and the grimmer challenge that should pledge to coming from workpiece material. Today's job shops needs to examine cutting tool afresh with different perspective. Below the condition that satisfies all sorts of requirement, use advanced cutting tool to be able to improve the process capability of the workshop, be like this kind of cutting tool that the graph shows 1 times, it is to come from the horniness material turning of Diamond Innovations company to use cutting tool. Development of cutting tool technology is swift and violent, because this picks a knife correctly,can make craft happens substantially change. The trade is processed in the metal, besides use advanced technology besides, not other any choices. The demand to machine treatment will be very huge henceforth, use advanced technical talent to satisfy this kind of giant requirement only. Manager of project of spaceflight development department Mr Chris Mills of Sandvik Coromant company is with spaceflight industry exemple point out: Henceforth 20 years, to satisfy the manufacturing requirement of spaceflight industry, begin its to produce process capability to must raise 3 times from now. So how to achieve this one goal? Improve process capability 3 times, increase the amount that processes a machine tool whether simply 3 times went, and the level that treatment technology still maintains now available today? He says, appear impossibly actually such circumstance. If will have the machine tool of technical level,number is multiplied with 3, so the strength that signifies a machine tool to operate personnel also wants to increase with same multiple. Such circumstance is adv unimaginably simply, because the factory should be recruited,can be competent the eligible worker that processes mechanical operation is quite difficult. Accordingly, rise 3 times in producing the advanced technique that can need to never stop development, obtain, the metallic treatment that makes have an amount through ability of this kind of way only operates the treatment with personnel many monitoring. So do these advanced technologies come from at where? Of course, these technologies also involve the development of machine tool itself. Now, the treatment speed of the machine tool and treatment precision are taller and taller, however, workpiece itself did not develop with similar increment step, although they also are in,happen substantially change. Now nowadays, the work that is processed just did not machine precision, date of delivery and quality to raise taller requirement to its, a lot of workshops still face the material problem of a more and more difficult treatment that never had encountered before. These material include titanium alloy, nickel radical alloy and compact model black lead is cast-iron (CGI) , prep let alone, below certain circumstance, replace metallic stuff with composite material even. In other words, the machine tool development that the development of workpiece material wants to machine them than cutting is rapidder, change is bigger. Put in the difference with particular move between machine tool and hardware data, surmount this one difference even to narrow, the technology with the rapiddest development comes from at metallic cutting cutting tool, and its grow rate exceeded any other treatment technology. The fact proves, the development of cutting tool and change are such big, accordingly, no matter the treatment train of thought that the treatment manufactory with how old dimensions needs pair of its cutting tool undertakes reappraisal. Not only need examines the way that pick a knife afresh, and think afresh even a few main factors that affect cutting tool. But when idea of core of wh some of which already was passed, the standard of cutting tool also had produced change. Recently, the home and 3 cutting tool have the main company that involve, put forward job shops to answer how to ponder over the problem of concerned cutting tool with different kind now. These companies are: Cubic nitrogen is offerred to change boron for cutting tool on world of Diamond Innovations company (diamond of CBN) material He Jujing (the alliance of the company of two cutting tool of company of banner supplier;Precision Dormer of PCD) material, will a few years be being offerred all the time efficient auger cut the world of company of special technology;Sandvik Coromant with thread machining the first metal machines tool supplier. The personnel of all project technology of 3 companies, listed mix to the property of cutting tool at present a few main factors that use generation affects at all: Have the stuff that challenges a gender, include to replace material and the alloy data that process hard. Have 25% what the processability of some of material still is not worth rolled steel among them, its the finished cost of every pound can amount to the part with more and more complex form of geometry of; of hundreds of dollars, the part with the very large volume of; of aircraft spare parts with if the wall is large very thin, very complex form, increase ceaselessly to turbine and the demand of all sorts of heavy equipment especially. The high cost of every spare parts is produced, put forward more strict requirement; to be opposite to the treatment of these spare partses specialization the demand of quality and function is higher and higher, if be opposite,machine the requirement of the fatigue intensity of model of surface of aircraft spare parts. Above these elements, the job shops that makes those preceding begins to consider relevant cutting tool issue. Diamond Innovations company, Precision Dormer company and Sandvik Coromant corporation are special offerred 5 kinds of way, job shops needs fibrous root occupies these 5 kinds of kind, the cutting tool technology to them and undertake reflection with different train of thought to providing the company of this one technology. 5 when choose cutting tool new standards are: The demand of technology of major of the work efficiency that improves a machine tool, contented application, percentage that increases application of diamond cutting tool, it is the focus centrally on the biggest charge source, and should from the issue that considers cutting tool at the beginning. The work efficiency that improves a machine tool does not choose service life only the cutting tool with longer or higher rate. The cutting tool of innovation also can change technology, can enlarge the size range of pipe bent of the machine tool. CoroTurn HP cutting tool focuses the central issue on the flow direction of high-pressured cooling fluid, the eject of its cooling fluid orders the upper part that is centered in edge. Carry out a proof, use cooling fluid of eject of this kind of means to be able to make the service life of cutting tool rises 50% , rate rises 20% .

Why machine can job shops choose to change below the case that uses normally cutting tool? Most normally reason is the service life that they hope to lengthen cutting tool. If new cutting tool is in,longer time can work in showing some process, so it is job shops likely managing more capital, include to replace cutting tool charge and the service charge that trade knife place to need for many times. To raise the treatment rate of the machine tool, job shops can try the opportunity that has innovation consciousness more very much use new-style cutting tool. If new cutting tool had very good effect in process of high speed treatment, raised metallic purify rate substantially, so this cutting tool can be job shops managing more capital. That is to say, this cutting tool can improve the productivity of job shops effectively, allow it each can machine more spare partses. In craft respect this two improve service life and treatment speed greatly rise, show its investment can win get one's own back, this also make a lot of job shops have reason to use high-powered cutting tool more. However, will seek the pace that raises craft level to should not stop here through cutting tool, it still has very large latent capacity managing more capital. Accordingly, job shops should ground of leave no stone unturned seeks all sorts of meanses, improve their process capability, because of advanced cutting tool not only can outspread treatment craft, and still can make craft be perfected further. Product manager Mr Andrew Hunter of Precision Dormer company listed an instance in the light of the changeover problem of cutting tool, this example appears it seems that very simple, but he is special the current situation that mentioned nicety getting to cut processing technique. Mr Andrew Hunter says, in making poriferous treatment now use a field, also do not need opening of bore with a reamer again this working procedure. Auger cut treatment to be able to compare the past any moment can reach higher quality level, let a workshop have larger latent capacity, and should achieve this one goal, need to cut treatment through getting only this working procedure can achieve necessary Kong Jia be versed in precision and quality ask. Inside a lot of job shops, although people is right,the opening that uses central getting, broach and reamer machines craft to may be familiar with very much, the cost that place of this one process requires very difficult however oversight. Precision Dormer company often provides advisory service for job shops, explain in where but need not use reamer treatment. If the metabolic substantially of broach cutting parameter is equivalent to the parameter that the workshop been usinging at present, can machine an aperture that accords with quality so. If not be such, so Precision Dormer company can help the bit with the workshop is searched immediately and evaluate another kind of processability can better. Although the price of new cutting tool a little a bit taller, it is negligible that photograph comparing also can say the cost that its raise and its managing cost, because also do not need to use needless cutting tool again in machining craft, thereby also leave out and the cutting tool that solved the place in machining cycle not to need change problem. The business of Sandvik Coromant company extends manager Mr Bill Tisdall to be engaged in the test of new design cutting tool and actor chemical industry making all the time. He thinks to actually a lot of Fadouke improve productivity in order to carry the development of cutting tool. He is pressing requirement job shops thinks how to use cutting tool correctly, in order to develop its potential advantage. 1.

Whether can your cutting tool develop the characteristic that uses a machine tool does full potential machine a level with making the machine tool rises everyday? It is commonly in the treatment of the machine tool, the most popular is cooling fluid of use high pressure. Now, very rare still job shops can make their cutting tool comprehensive use 70bar(1bar=0.

The cooling fluid of 1MPa) pressure will be used for the machine tool. The CoroTurn HP cutting tool of Sandvik Coromant company can heighten effect through this pressure, center high-pressured cooling fluid accurately eject to cutting tool on the edge of upper part, coroTurn HP knife handle can make high-pressured refrigeration sheds change to become a wedge, make cut bits up warp and be swept by cutting fluid. In the treatment of material of Inconel 718 of difficult treatment material, use this method, can improve the service life of cutting tool 50% , or make rate increases 20% .


Reducing the Coromant Capto system that installation time provides by Sandvik Coromant company is the industrial standard that knife system changes quickly in turning treatment. It can allow to change knife or the cutting tool that make new work treatment is used to undertake locking locates quickly quickly, need not adjust of the position of cutting tool or new setting cutting tool slant buy is spent. Same Coromant Capto idea already also applied at rotating in type cutting tool, from this the use of new milling cutter or broach or change to also become very convenient, locking fixed position is fast, won't lengthen any changing time. 3.

Use QS system the QS system of this company is another kind of system that can reduce installation time, apply at Swiss type lathe. After using QS system, cutting tool is OK apace assembles and unassemble and locate in the locking on the center automatically. The computation of the person that the workshop that uses Swiss type lathe according to is used, use this system to be able to be in every year of a machine tool debug and setting time aspect is managing 100000 dollars (graph 2) . Nextpage uses nobody to change administrative operation pattern. Besides the service life of cutting tool and speed, still answer to ponder over the problem of dependability of concerned cutting tool more. Current, without the value that any workshops can realize cutting tool is potential in the round, do not know cutting tool can achieve much taller constant to decide performance level after all. Why does constant function have so high value? Because it can change treatment technology with potential highest gain, enough makes operator is put from the solution in machine tool operation, make its can operate more machine tools, examine spare parts, or relevant 5S technology or other seed profit production are carried out to supervise the work while the machine tool moves. Sandvik Coromant company is what its say green light production. If machine job shops can be cut truly forecast cutting tool to be in when to need to change, so this job shops can run his to machine craft with type of this one party, do not need to assure to an operator hour stays in working site. Cutting tool of the GC1125 of Sandvik Coromant company and GC1515 new grade manufactures a design technically for green light. The dependability that sets bit comes from the balance at coating and matrix material. To increase the tenacity of cutting tool and density, the hardness of its matrix material is a bit low, and the component of coating is helpful for those who raise cutting tool fighting grind intensity. The crucial point of these cutting tool is very sharp also, this is another when cutting tool of green production need has important characteristic. Because sharp the crucial point conduces to,eliminate burr, and the function of automatic purify burr, to long nobody are changed is very important for the operation, move below this kind of means because of the workshop, after hoping the spare parts of large quantities of quantities is finished in treatment, still need to undertake burr handles the work going in great quantities. The CDX-Inox bit that the cutting tool that designs to process special type data for another kind offers by Precision Dormer company. In stainless steel treatment, this broach uses very small mental allowance, make the contact of its and workpiece surface falls lowest, the treatment that avoids appearance of stainless steel workpiece is sclerotic. Effective geometrical appearance and cooling fluid input aperture, further help solved stainless steel bits is cut to rupture in treatment the problem with eduction. If the choice limits of cutting tool technology expands,satisfy the requirement that uses professional technology, so the crucial element need of a cutting tool has technical technical support rear in its. When cutting tool company is developing high-powered cutting tool, general meeting designs tool and cutting tool system according to specific treatment application domain, those who make its achieve place to need is high-powered. Tool supplier connects regular meeting to develop cutting tool in the light of much special application territory, the cutting tool limits that makes can be chosen thereby and cutting tool breed increase ceaselessly. In fact, today's job shops cannot have relied on his finite knowledge to decide how to choose cutting tool correctly only, and the tool supplier that needs to find major. The body of says professional technology has a few kinds of different forms, include among them: 1.

Mr Andrew Hunte that studies Precision Dormer company to the major of material was listed in processing special data, all sorts of methods that broach asks to design according to function. In the past, just contain coating to the requirement of cutting tool or do not take coat, and the need that machines to satisfy different material now, appeared the coating material of a series of heterogeneity. He says, people pays close attention to matrix material more now, this is today the mainest field that cutting tool studies and develops. Next, the geometrical figure of cutting tool itself is very important also. These elements basically are in the light of cutting tool character, just not be aimed at the data that processes hard. It is with aluminium alloy material exemple, in the cutting tool that be machined technically for aluminium alloy and designs, the content of tungsten is extremely high. The workpiece surface quality that machines with this kind of cutting tool is very good, can avoid where a thing can be put to best use curly. In addition, its geometry angle can make the unbend that cut bits is mixed rupture, prevent aluminous material to produce the liability cutting bits of molten and adhesion. Undertake to similar problem careful consideration can assure to make its come true in the broach treatment in any metallic stuff or metalloid material highest function. 2.

Additional to the understanding of workpiece, the geometrical appearance of workpiece is right of cutting tool choose also have very great sense. Intricate work can be in to the workshop nonstandard the investment field of cutting tool brings heavy burden, because must solve the clearance problem that has challenge sex, and be not efficient cutting tool to may make cutting strength inadequacy and supportive power insufficient, handle the material with inferior hardness hard. Supplier of a professional tool not only professional research should be had in data side, and also should have the treatment system that designs for difficult work technically in the treatment respect of this kind of spare parts. E.g. , turbine lamina and turbine crust belong to this kind of difficult work. These complex turning parts often are made by the alloy material of difficult treatment, contain commonly shape the characteristic of recess, and the clearance requirement that needs cutting tool to satisfy all sorts of difficulty. To overcome these difficulty, it is unified that Sandvik Coromant company developed module type SL70/40 cutting tool kind what can configure at will is fast change system, agree with almost any turbine lamina and turbine crust heavy-duty stable treatment (graph 4) . System of this kind of cutting tool needs a few module only, use different configuration, can assure to undertake correctly machining to all sorts of turbine workpiece with suitable space, in the meantime, confluence arrives the HP technology in this one cutting tool, can pass to edge cooling fluid of high pressure of upper part eject, the help solves the treatment problem of difficult treatment material. 3.

Disparate to the acknowledge of terminal market industry also has diverse treatment demand, tool supplier should be capable to help job shops satisfy these requirements. Certain material itself asks increasingly also as specific industry and change. For example composite material is a very good example. Precision Dormer company is those who develop aerospace industry composite material to get cut treatment to invest capital of quite a few with cutting tool and applied knowledge. The challenge that place of certain treatment spare parts faces also is concerned with certain industry. Manager of project of aerospace development department Mr Chris Mills of Sandvik Coromant company listed the example of integrality of a concerned surface. This is a serious problem that needs a consideration, there is job shops to be able to face this kind of problem with same way rarely beyond aerospace industry. However, in aerospace industry, treatment strength and temperature can produce small hard change, plastic deformation and leftover stress, these elements cause the accuracy of the spare parts to reduce. This company had studied this one phenomenon, special the edge after analysing cutting tool wears away the influence to machining the surface. The development of cutting tool and cutting technology is to control this with some kind of means of one brim wear away, this kind of method let producer of aircraft spare parts satisfy the exterior integrality requirement that most place needs even. Nextpage increases the cutting tool of per cent diamond that diamond cutting tool uses to be able to improve the work efficiency of the machine tool, and the solution that can offer major, in order to satisfy more demand application. No matter be below what circumstance, if productivity is nervous when, should consider application to get together brilliant diamond (PCD) or cubic nitrogen change boron (CBN) cutting tool. There is a kind of direct connection between advanced workpiece and advanced cutting tool. Manufacturer of car of no less than in that way, to the spare parts with strict requirement, begin to use high-powered data increasingly. To process these data with the most efficient way, the use of diamond cutting tool is more and more general also. The circumstance of aircraft production industry also is such, they use diamond cutting tool increasingly also to satisfy the requirement that the titanium alloy that grows increasingly machines. Domain of another of diamond cutting tool fundamental application is the treatment of composite material, want machine tool itself to agree with only treatment of diamond cutting tool goes. Design of Precision Dormer company developed a series of broach, the broach that if use diamond coating and carbide horniness material, PCD data,waits, will in order to use the treatment device of not coequal class get the different aperture that cuts treatment composite material to go up. The cutting tool of diamond cutting tool and similar diamond, no matter be PCD, or CBN or it is diamond coating cutting tool, enter treatment application field will increasingly. And, the scale of cutting tool application that uses this kind of material to be made also will grow ceaselessly. The product of Diamond Innovations company machines department manager Mr Jim Graham to say, this is a kind of inevitable development trend. The development of PCD and CBN material makes the applied manner of these material raises ceaselessly, make the breed of cutting tool more rich and colorful, cost effectiveness rises ceaselessly. In the meantime, the treatment speed of these cutting tool and service life also are continueing to rise, make its machined craft to reach the performance level that cutting tool of carbide hard alloy never has reached. In fact, diamond and the improve a machine tool work efficiency that before relevant cutting tool was satisfied, its mention and the requirement that satisfy applied major technology. Because the service life of cutting tool is lengthened, cutting parameter rises, promoted the process capability of cutting tool thereby, reduced the frequency that cutting tool changes, make the machine tool can machine manufacturing spare parts with higher rate. In the meantime, more professional technology solutions were blended in in cutting tool, satisfied the requirement that uses a field each further. List example of a few specific application below: 1.

The treatment of high-powered spare parts is in car component production, car engine to more high-powered development while, also promoted material to more the way that machines hard develops. For example, the spiracle housing washer of a powerful person that take energy of life and exhaust valve uses special alloy increasingly to be made. Other engine parts also begin to use high density black lead cast-iron (CGI) . Also produced very big effect to the demand of the common and cast-iron part that adds increasingly, because new cast-iron after wanting to compare classics overageing cast-iron more machine hard. Carry out a proof, this kind of challenge that field place faces is created in the car, using CBN cutting tool is best settlement method. However, in the production of aerospace industry, using complex cutting tool perhaps is a when improve productivity wonderful opportunity. New-style aircraft design will be right the titanium alloy, part that includes treatment of titanium alloy composite material raises taller requirement. Because its demand is such big, so that job shops cannot use existing treatment,craft satisfies this one requirement. To improve productivity, a lot of job shops come to the manufacturing rate that must raise them expedite the treatment of the spare parts. If application is proper, diamond cutting tool and diamond coating can make these workshops machine titanium alloy spare parts with higher rate. 2.

Of composite material auger cut treatment diamond cutting tool to perhaps surmount theoretic metallic treatment in another application of aerospace domain, because it involves composite material, and the part that makes with this kind of material already began to replace certain metal spare parts increasingly. Be engaged in getting the Precision Dormer firm that cuts treatment major to discover the treatment of composite material also is a very crucial domain, use diamond cutting tool and other high-powered cutting tool to be able to improve manufacturing efficiency greatly. Mr Gary Kirchoff is the product manager of this company, be in charge of the tool production related composite material. His carefully explanation says, not be avery kind of is gotten cut craft to be had make diamond cutting tool good work an indispensible tigidity, stability and inferior radial are jumpy error. This company is developed continuously agree with the broach design of facilities of all sorts of composite material treatment, its device sphere includes from manual feed auger cut treatment unit to arrive the most complex numerical control machine tool. However, apply at composite material when diamond coating cutting tool or PCD cutting tool get when cutting treatment, of its cost and productivity respect rising also is very breathtaking. Because cutting tool of carbide hard alloy is when the composite material with treatment very strong abrasiveness, its wear away rate is very rapid, and the service life of diamond cutting tool should be compared former several times taller. Its treatment speed is such tall, for the work that processes a lot of aperture to need accordingly, machine each spare parts, can spare very much time. In fact, same diamond cutting tool can continue to get cut treatment certain metal stuff, can let diamond cutting tool process composite material effectively / aluminium alloy component or composite material / titanium alloy folds a material. However, not be metal of avery kind of or material of avery kind of suit to make cutting tool of PCD, CBN or diamond coating. Besides the composite material that processes aerospace industry application, other and right stuff still includes titanium metal, aluminous metal and horniness rolled steel. Of course, uses machine tool also must very appropriate, because this kind of cutting tool needs higher rate. The machine tool with inferior speed cannot develop the potential with this kind of due cutting tool possibly. In the meantime, also have particular demand to the tigidity of the machine tool, although its are rigid,the demand is not so high like what a lot of people imagine. In last few years, the tenacity of these cutting tool material already had quite big improvement. Additional, diamond cutting tool and the cutting tool product related its are special agree with long cutting treatment and the production of large quantities of quantities. Its reason is very simple, because the life of cutting tool rises greatly. The service life of this cutting tool can achieve such length, because this job shops is OK,the active life of to the top of one's bent play cutting tool undertakes cutting is machined. So the job shops that how the person that use knows him has gained profit? Mr Graham says, the example of a treatment of metal of aerospace domain titanium can give us a bit inspiration. Say simply, the demand that can face with workshop place undertakes comparative, the productivity bureau be confined to that has a look at a workshop what place. In machining part process, the technology that you use can get used to more ordering goods to ask or must achieve higher yield, through raising rate, use CBN and PCD cutting tool to be able to let you achieve these productivity goals, and need not purchase new machine tool. CNC Milling