Those who face collateral project is compositive the research that changes intelligence to change CAPP method and crucial technology

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One, the foreword arrival as 21 centuries, a focus that economy competes to already became world each country to compete and the main impetus that the world develops, and on the new product that main concentration is in the core that of all kinds manufacturing industry competes to be a foundation with knowledge. Collateral project (CE) and fictitious make (Virtual Manufacturing, abbreviation VM) is new generation the main component of domain of advanced production technology, it quickens the development of new product to have very important sense to the enterprise. Collateral project is a foundation with the IT of CIMS, develop a team through comprising much discipline product, improve a product to develop technological process, the design that uses all sorts of DFX(to face some domain) the method such as the tool. Make the product can consider all sorts of downstream factors in the inchoate phase of development, improve product quality in order to achieve, reduce cost, shorten the purpose of development cycle. A focus of collateral project is detailed design of product of the implementation on the administrative levels in information and function and production course design is compositive. Production course design includes to face production design (DFM, CAPP, CAM) and its postposition processing (code of generation numerical control) , the computer assists tool clamping apparatus to design (CAFD) is emulated with production process (Manufacturing Process Simulation, abbreviation MPS) , among them the core that CAPP is production course design. The article is aimed at the new characteristic that CECAPP should have: Functional module swims to work in coordination with fluctuation below the control that answers to develop process trends model in CE product like working progress; Wait in design domain and CAD, CAFD, CAM have information and function compositive; The manufacturing plan with production system and attemper system (what PPS) has information and function is compositive etc, with respect to CAPP system trend project is changed, compositive change and a few crucial methods that intelligence changes and technology undertake discussion. 2, systematic architecture 1. Collateral design system cannot rely on the characteristic that CECAPP system should have existent CAD is formed with the simple overlay of CAPP system, because latter is,one kind is based on serial mode, and the development activity that its design the job to become independent relatively inside respective domain. Because do not have a consideration between each other build a model interactively, the result makes the efficiency of products plan becomes low, the product develops cost to rise. The information between CECAPP system and CAD should be dynamic interactively, two-way: On one hand, the inchoate phase that CAPP is designing makes producibility assessment to devising plan, offer referenced opinion to CAD; On the other hand, of workmanship of have the aid of and production resource function flexible, CAPP should make a variety of craft plan to same design object, accept plan of craft of feedback opinion reelect in order to get used to the production environment of dynamic change; In addition, CECAPP should be a kind interactive, cooperate with decision-making system, namely CAPP should be versed in in the humanness between each subroutine decision-making offer an opportunity, report to the user likely decision-making outcome, use a visible ground to participate in a design to be optimized in order to realize overall situation, make sure craft is decision-making thereby definitely fast sex, accuracy, practical. Anyhow, CECAPP should be dynamic, the technology design of type of the advance gradually that divide a pace, it is flexible, the technology design that man-machine opens type in coordination. Finally, change to implement a project, practical change, CECAPP system still should have general systematic framework and agile constituent kind, so that the user needs to organize functional module of the system according to his in order to form application software; Format of file of format of composing of documentation of form of structure of knowledge of the decision-making and logistic model that should have taller adaptability and flexibility to need in order to make the user designs place of design of definition of the proper motion in the process in craft, technology, data, craft, craft, interface; Decision-making method should incorporate technology retrieve type, derive type, achieve type and example base and intellectual radical inference is decision-making wait for a variety of forms, the user can choose different decision-making kind according to his need. 2. The architecture of CECAPP system and its are exterior the relation pursues of 1 description is CECAPP function system and its play the significance with other function module in collateral project environment. Can see, no matter come from the angle of information or function,set out. Craft designs one of core link that are collateral project. 3, CECAPP is compositive the crucial technology CECAPP that turns application is compositive the computerization that changing is design of technology of product of comprehensive implementation company and management and informatization, the system such as progressively implementation and PDM, MIS is right of product craft information comprehensive and compositive of the whole process with planned dispatching of design of products plan, technology, production compositive. In view of CAPP compositive the advance gradually that changes application to divide administrative levels, grading develops character, this one process can distribute the CAPP information that shares to face product technical data compositive, face CNC Machining kind the CAD/CAPP/CAM of the spare parts is compositive and face products plan / craft is designed / manufacturing plan and attemper whole process is compositive wait for 3 administrative levels. 1. Compositive mechanism regards the news that faces product technical data to share as the main component of product data, product technical data is company production information hand in collect a place. Collateral project emphasizes products plan reaching its the information of relevant activity is compositive as compositive as the function, emphasize a product developing a process to go up namely, the harmony of downstream activity and collateral. And the data that the product involves in the different process place of lifecycle and its requirement are endless and identical, need an abstraction accordingly, neuter, the unified information expression that can satisfy each to ask at the system and commutative mechanism will realize the information between different process to transmit with exchange. The model of global product data that introduces compositive product to build modular technology place to form can solve this one problem. If the graph is shown 2 times,compositive product establishs modular method. Build product feature warehouse to prop up with the diagnostic modelling function of Pro/E software, the extraction that tool of Pro/Develop of have the aid of has diagnostic news and match, the product feature information that provides according to system of CAD feature model and CE of STEP application agreement, AP, in STEP, below the support of DT tool, its through the operation that example turns map becomes STEP neuter document, offer neuter data to exchange a document for the downstream system such as DFM and CAPP. From this the spare parts information that the model forms has dynamic sex, consistency, integrality, can satisfy the new requirement of CECAPP. The model of global product data in NextpageCECAPP acceded the function of diagnostic model, the formalization described as of its frame: CAPP: : = government information / dimension / tolerancepublic errand / machine a feature / physical feature / information of knife, clamping apparatus / machine tool information / craft course / craft file among them, diagnostic description is a foundation with STEP, include begin feature, material feature, precision feature, assemble the product such as feature, treatment feature main feature description. For example the classified plan that appearance feature adopts Part36 of STEP compositive resource: 2. The CAPP system with the compositive and traditional function of CAPP and PPS, if retrieve,type, mutation type is mixed achieve type to wait to belong to linear CAPP, the information that they can realize CAD/CAPP/CAM only at most is compositive, and without consideration and the production of production system plan and attemper system (PPS) has a function compositive. In making a system actually, because resource uses bottleneck and random failure, there are 20 % about in producing a course, the craft plan of 30 % must be revised afresh, this raises manufacturing cost inevitably, lengthen manufacturing cycle. Below collateral environment, CAPP system should form the collateral type craft on a real significance to design a system, must make in order to face, face the cost, theory that faces products plan to be guidance, the craft that will control CAPP by the feedback information of PPS designs a process, the rationality that realizes technology design thereby, economy that machines craft and the workability of production resource, reach overall situation best go up to be mixed with actual production situation in the oldest rate be identical of market demand bearing. By CECAPP system and PPS compositive if the model of closed circuit feedback that make pursues 3 are shown. In the graph, d exports information for the design such as spare parts information; R designs a result for craft, r=f1(d, m);m is the feedback information of PPS system, include production lot, history to produce a state to wait, m=Tt=0(r, t)Dt among them T=0 is some craft course enable time; T is feedback time. 4, the application that intelligence turns the crucial technology that CECAPP intelligence changes to point to technology of system of expert of artificial intelligence domain normally. In the research of CAPP system, involve the expression that designs knowledge to craft, memory, craft designs the respect such as decision-making method and systematic architecture, technology and technology are handled to technology knowledge only here decision-making method undertakes discussion. 1. Object-oriented the knowledge that is based on frame represents model and example base knowledge of design of inferential plan dark technology includes choice decision-making logic (the choice that is like semifinished product type and its dimension, machine methodological choice, the machine tool reachs the choice of cutting tool, clamping apparatus and measure, the) such as the choice of cutting dosage, program decision-making logic (if craft course arrangement, working procedure is medium those who machine measure is affirmatory wait for) , and treatment method knowledge (if precision of process capability, treatment, prior operation asks,wait for) . In addition, design evaluation and the knowledge that design a process again are concerned in still including DFM. Frame is a network that shows certain node and mutual correlation. Apply the viewpoint of object-oriented analysis, OK a model of spare parts feature, production resource model, procedure model, craft is decision-making process model, decision-making regular model regard a target kind definition, object kind between the hierarchy with be had certain and successive relation; And production resource example, procedure example and craft are decision-making and regular etc can regard object example, these objects kind a trough that reachs its example to serve as frame produces connection with its, such, craft designs knowledge to be united on management. The evaluation process knowledge of a feature is as follows: Nextpage treatment method chooses frame {to secure groovy regulation order: "3 " the process that be being designed in view of craft is a complex mutiple level, much task, CECAPP system is used statified multistage inference controls fashion. Systematic inference is dominant with example inference, regular inference is core, other inference is complementary compound model inferential model is shown 4 times like the graph. In example reasoning process, call regular inference and auxiliary inference, design of the technology that finish and craft are decision-making wait for relevant task, build the chain of treatment craft information of the spare parts, among them every node is described with a frame, so that be in,generate process card, process chart and NC treatment to dictate when to waiting, be used. 2. The labor situation that is based on GA and SA optimized the inferential technology that is based on knowledge to solve machine tool and cutting tool choice, machine to machine parameter the treatment method catenary of affirmatory, feature is generated wait for a problem, and process design is not pure knowledge base decision-making reasoning process, return those who have sort of situation of labor of a few such as to optimize a problem. Labor situation sort is to set the NP issue in optimizing, enumerate law cannot receive optimum solution inside feasible time, and the complexity as a result of the problem, optimize algorithm to be immersed in easily commonly local and best, reach overall situation hard best. Genetic algorithm (GeneticAlgorithms, abbreviation GA) chooses biology extent nature and the developmental mechanism of natural heredity introduces education to optimize a process, generate through encode, initiative group, fitness is evaluated detect, the process imitate biology such as choice, across, mutation is developmental, be used to of implementation model self-study and optimize a purpose. Imitate anneal is algorithmic (SimulatedAnnealingAlgorithms, abbreviation SA) is a kind of random search algorithm that is based on thermodynamic anneal principle to build, its principle is based on the technology of two-way and random search of probability: When the quality that makes be solved currently when operation that is based on adjacent region rises, SA regards new current solution as this solution that is improved: Below opposite situation, SA with certain probability EXP(, △ C/T) accepts the solution with poorer quality to serve as new current solution; Among them, the quality that around of operation of △ C domain sees is poor, what T is anneal process is lukewarm accuse parameter. SA oneself is reasonable theory going up to be proved is one kind with probability L astringent at overall situation of optimum solution optimize algorithm, as a result of,can avoid local most the absorption of bit and be immersed in local and best. The labor situation that is based on GA and SA optimizes algorithmic description to be as follows: (1) is right N the likelihood is versed in the pace uses law of decision-making plan of random method or PDG to produce an initiative Jie Qun; Decide temperature of initiative temperature disaccord adjusts parameter α . (2) is calculated each individual fitness F and live probability P, choose hybridization according to P next individual. (3) chooses two hybridization individual, the combination with certain basis is regular (across, mutation) what join its new generation is individual. Till N new generation is individual and whole form. (4) repeats (2) , (3) , till satisfy a requirement; The condition is chief be less than set-point or iteration frequency to be more than set-point. Reduce temperature T next, t= α *T. (5) repeats (2) , (4) , be less than set of the smallest temperature to be worth Tmin or temperature change frequency to be more than set-point till T. Of because SA is not complete repellent energy elevatory, so it can avoid to be immersed in local the smallest. The mixture algorithm that uses GA and SA undertakes assorted optimizing sort to each labor situation, mathematical model is simple, computation is convenient, astringent good, can reach quickly adjacent and best labor situation is ordinal, feasibility is good. 5, the last word is collateral the union that project method is technical progress and modern management, it is the enterprise develops what new product wins competition not effect method. And of CE of CAX, DFX, QFD, face compositive with work in coordination the application of the crucial technology such as the environment is one of important steps that implement collateral project, run paralell especially the research of system of the CAPP below the environment and development. The article is aimed at the new requirement of collateral project environment to CAPP system, move toward with respect to CECAPP compositive change, the project is changed, a few crucial methods that intelligence changes and technology undertook study, CECAPP prototype system was developed on this foundation, in applying in CIMS of factory of Harbin electric machinery to use demonstrative project, executive result shows these new method and technology are used at CECAPP system, it is correct, feasible. CNC Milling