Ball mill system installs the introduction

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Ball mill system installs general component to be: Open circuit system and closed circuit system two kinds. The good point that system of open a way of system of ball mill open a way sets is: Flow is simple, device is little, the operation is handy, capital construction investment is little. Its defect is: Because stock must achieve the ability after finished product is fineness to go out entirely,grind, accordingly, when requirement product is fineness and fine, already will be arisen to cross pink to grind a phenomenon by the stock of mill, grinding inside form resilient coating, cloggy rough stuff is farther pink is ground, appear even sometimes phenomenon of ball of fine pink bag, reduced pink to grind efficiency thereby, crop low, power consumption is tall. The good point that system of closed circuit of system of ball mill closed circuit sets is: Eligible fine pink can be singled out in time, decreased to grind the amortize action inside, had eliminated powdery appearance, can rise consequently grind machine crop about 10% , power consumption of 30%; unit product relatively stream grind reduce about 10% , 20%; product is fineness and fluctuant small, adjust easily. When 0.

08mm sieve residue on sieve is 5% when, fluctuant limits can be controlled in ± 0.

5% less than. Change powdery mill to spend, the stock amount that because pass ball mill,need not change; of steel ball grading is large, and qualification fine pink is singled out in time again, friend goes the temperature that grinds a product inferior, shed pink to grind than leaving commonly but low composition of grain of finished product of; of 30 ℃ left and right sides is better, the grain of ideal measurement is more, too thick the abrasion loss that too fine grain compares scaleboard of ball of little; steel all relatively shed pink to grind for low. But, the circuit that closed circuit pink wears is more complex, accessory equipment is more, maintenance workload is big, equipment movement rate wants relatively some lower, demand of operation management technique is high also, capital construction investment is large. CNC Milling