Manufacturing process control makes product competition ability

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In intense market competition, only the integrated advantage of quality, cost, innovation just is product competition ability is essential. And these element in the final analysis reflect the manufacturing process at the product. Can say, manufacturing process control makes product competition ability had been not been. 2005, the safe problem that because food is packed,poses emerges in endlessly. From " PVC lasts film causes cancerous disturbance " to " one-time tableware pollutes incident " , food is used plastic pack as healthy as person closely related, these incident caused the wide attention of whole society. Different and plastic products arrives from quality cost, from production efficiency innovates to be controlled with the process of the product to the product closely related. In product quality is being produced and serving a process, it is one of factors with manufacturing the mainest management to affecting each element of quality to carry out control. Catch feel well programmed control to make, the generation that produces reject of craft, precaution to stability and even increase import of product quality standard great. It is for example in the manufacturing process of plastic profile, the performance of parameter of raw material quality, craft, equipment factor that becomes influence product quality possibly, enterprise ought to around these elements, control strictly from each respects. Plastic products produces a process to involve a variety of elements, need to be controlled strictly. (photo offers Photo Courtesy: Sipa) our sheet squeezes the model in giving a course to change control to look from stock. In squeezing a manufacturing process, the model of profile quality and stock is changed degree close together and relevant. If squeeze a temperature (especially feed in raw material paragraph turn an area with model) exorbitant, or screw rotate speed is too fast, stock easy generation crosses model to change and cause bureau part solution and fuse-element rupture, overmuch gas because cannot seasonable eduction, can be in profile interior stockpile, cause bleb appears inside profile. Temperature passes when low or screw rotate speed is too slow, can cause model to change because of inadequacy of quantity of heat undesirable, make fuse-element viscosity increases, nose pressure rises, equipment excess load runs, of equipment wear away and the waste of the sources of energy. Same, drawing speed and screw rotate speed deserve to compare undeserved, cooling water control is undeserved, the element such as extruder itself function also can affect the model of stock change quality. Visible, the factor that affects manufacturing process is very much, only strict control produces each segment of the process, ability produces the product that gives quality qualification. A principle that profit of cost control seed manages is " eliminate all invalid labor and waste " . Seed profit manages and production divides manufacturing process to increase value is mixed do not increase value two processes, former be called to start value process, latter is wasteful. Seed profit manages even if set out from waste, wait to craft, equipment, operation, management undertake improvement, eliminate all sorts of waste ceaselessly, in order to improve manufacturing efficiency. And the sources of energy is wasted and content shedding waste is one of producing a process to waste. Plastic industry is one of conventional treatment industries of China, industrial scale is larger, scale of bad news report is larger also. Plastic treatment company no matter its end item is wire, sheet, profile, still provide material, in its production process, the means that should heat through report without one exception comes to those who satisfy plastic raw material mix refine, model to change wait for manufacturing technology requirement. Between plastic industry business the circumstance with increasingly intense competition falls, it is charge of electricity on one hand do not fall high in the house in company product cost accounting, press so that the enterprise can'ts bear heavy burden; It is power natural resources on one hand did not get be usinged adequately in producing a course by for nothing loss is dropped. It is plastic industry not only, in the industry such as balata, petrifaction its produce the kind that in machining a process, also often needs to heat through report to finish, and use n bigger. Produce a course through effective control, can achieve the goal that reduces cost likewise. We are used up with respect to the sources of energy from inside producing a course in light of, have practice statistic proof, through reasonable and affirmatory heat cooling time, can reduce caloric to disable use up, achieve energy-saving fall the purpose of bad news. Through producing setting of process technology condition to double screw extruder, circular water control reachs the reasonable control such as the pre-construction time that equipment runs, can realize section report 30% above, achieve thereby reduce cost, raise the goal of company competition ability. Innovation and implementation are competing the promotion on intense market is had rate, reach only through two kinds of ways: It is " cost advantage " , another be " innovation advantage " . Long-term and character, only the product innovates, ability develops the market, attract buy the home, offer reasonable price, final ability but the profit with reasonable earn. The implementation of high-tech product cannot leave the control of manufacturing process likewise, have the achievement of research and development of high-tech and production the most perfect joining only, ability gets the innovation product of high quality quite. For example, tool of study of home market electron is coessential change serious prime cause, using OEM form to replace production to control segment in great quantities at most manufacturer. Although can strive for the time that moves first in the market such doing, but cannot evasive congenital inadequacy makes whole market long-term hesitate to press forward. Around " it is core with high-tech, with market of product decide the issue of the battle " competitive concept, good write down a star to realise clearly, want to be the crystallization changeover of major research and development shaping product, with respect to the industrial catenary that must have oneself. Have own productivity only, ability adjusts production according to market demand with the rapiddest rate; Also have own productivity only, ability is the brand connotation with oneself product the most distinctive infuse. In the meantime, reasonable and significant production is controlled, control the cost of the product can scientificly not only, assure finally be product quality more. At the beginning of 2005, good write down a star to build production base in Shenzhen, then enlarges production, undertake the adjustment of industrial structure, walk along the hypostatic way that own research and development produces to be rolled out from this. Arrange of this with one action, had made wrote down a star to have complete product catenary not only, the OEM that also gives the be current inside course of study produces means to bring immediate impact and concussion. In guard a pass strictly in the process of whole production technological process, good write down a star to highlight emphasize product test, manage pair of product development to undertake whole journey dogs through scientific and complete test test, with an enough and huge operation gather assured the stability of the product. The influencing factor that because had produced Cheng control to be involved,rents force management the system is numerous, to facilitate the process is controlled, more and more enterprises begin system of management of have the aid of in order to improve level of management, enhance company competition ability. Use administrative system, the quality case that production has the workshop in the process is produced can mirror production to plan a system immediately. Simple tube personnel is OK at any time monitoring, master the quality problem that the workshop produces, put forward in time to settle way, hold, the quality that improves each batches of products. The loss that there are every batches of products in producing plan record leads data, simple tube personnel is OK very find out product loss to lead big manufacturing project conveniently, trace the cause that analyses its to produce defective goods, waste product, put forward to improve a method, improve the product quality henceforth ceaselessly. In producing plan record, the loss that has each stuff leads data, can track analytic loss to lead the case of the material that exceeds a level, be problem of raw material quality? Be operation problem of the worker? Be still the problem of equipment? If belong to the quality problem of raw material itself, can contact the supplier of material; If belong to operation problem of the worker, should organize a worker to undertake a technology groom; If belong to the problem of equipment, can consider to undertake equipment is maintained or wait newlier. Quality administrator not only can at any time the quality of the product that monitoring is having, the quality that also can inquire the character circumstance of each batches of products that already finished and manufacturing workshop are detailed conveniently is recorded. The system undertakes to provide personnel character product quality tracks an analysis to provide first-hand data, the quality problem of the product is analysed when making be in charge of personnel to be able to be reached character, suit the remedy to the case, improve product quality effectively. Manufacturing management system also has very great help to helping an enterprise increase economic benefits, if application calculates makings function, ahead of schedule, accurate undertake manufacturing getting the materials ready, eliminate workshop short, shutdown to wait for makings phenomenon, shorten production is periodic, decrease work overtime, the labour cost that reduces a product. The help that runs a system makes product quality rises, manufacturing cost is reduced, the product has advantage of function, price, increase the competitive capacity of the product thereby, gain the market for the enterprise, win gain. CNC Milling