Wear-resisting tall chromium is cast-iron the development of scaleboard and application

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The summary introduces a kind of new-style tall tenacity the composition of scaleboard of Gao Gezhu iron and action, trial-produce craft; This wear-resisting scaleboard installs result of machine try out to make clear, 2 its wearability is scaleboard of tall manganese steel.

6 times. Keyword wear-resisting scaleboard pursues in application of high chromic cast-iron class status the need that label of document of classified date TB304 piles up B to be the carry outside getting used to coal of divine government office, Dong Sheng, the country decides to build on the west coal east carry the 2nd big channel. Yellow a big talk that clang harbor is this big channel namely, also be development of unifinication of collect mine, report, road, harbor, boat, produce, the carry, spirit that markets one continuous line to manage China the main component of systematic project. Yellow fraud harbor basically is in charge of assembling and unassemble coal, scaleboard wastage is big, use up every year be as high as hundreds of tons. Of scaleboard and so on fragile a concussion that coal bears when installing coal, accordingly its material should provide good anti-wear properties to be able to be mixed certain concussion tenacity. The scaleboard that at present equipment of our country haven uses fragile use tall manganese steel commonly (ZGMn13) material, the concussion tenacity of ZGMn13 is very tall, but primitive hardness is insufficient, surface of the material when sufferring concussion cannot produce concussion sclerosis effect adequately, tall hardness of exterior short of, at the same time of tall manganese steel succumb the limit is inferior (it is 350MPa about) , in use, use early days especially easy happening plasticity is out of shape. Additionally funnel scaleboard still is put in a hardness to match a question between as abrade as all sorts of coal medium, abrade medium hardness is general should 3 HRC of hardness of prep above scaleboard is controlled relatively appropriate, tall manganese steel falls in high impact bear, the tenacity that afore-mentioned inadequacy often bring about scaleboard is superabundant and wearability is insufficient, wear away invalidation is fast, and be out of shape serious, scaleboard life is brief. The low chromium that at present a lot of factories and mines and haven use is cast-iron, tall chromic cast-iron scaleboard, its hardness greatly prep above tall manganese steel. Be opposite domestic and internationally Gao Ge wears away cast-ironly mechanism, rupture mechanism, rupture tenacity, crackle expands mechanism undertook a series of research, the result shows Gao Ge is cast-iron can carry amount of the volume that adjusts carbide and configuration, proeutectoid carbide and spread and matrix organization (body of family name of martensite, austenite, all alone) , will adjust its function, satisfy use requirement. Yellow fraud harbor and Dalian connect source annulus to protected cooperation of finite liability company to develop a kind to fight grind Gao Ge cast-iron (KmTBCr20NiWRe) scaleboard, and in use already savor benefit, get of purchase department of company goods and materials approbate. One, fight grind Gao Ge's cast-iron composition and action 1. Carbon and chromic carbon and chromic main effect are to assure cast-iron in carbide amount and configuration. As contain C quantity to rise, carbide grow in quantity; As the addition of Cr/C ratio, in all the form appearance of brilliant carbide was experienced by successive and meshy → piece the process that successive degree reduces state of shape → staff, in all the metabolic process that type of brilliant carbide crystal experienced M7C3 of → of M7C3 of + of M3C → M3C. The data points out: When in all brilliant carbide is changeless, and Cr/C is 6.

6 ~ 7.

1 when, gao Ge fights crackle cast-ironly patulous capability is the strongest. According to these principles, appropriate will contain C to measure plan for 3.

1% ~ 3.

6% , the quantity that contain Cr is 20% ~ surely 25% . The Cr in matrix still can raise the temper by dipping in water of material to appear a gender. 2. Nickel its action is to increase Gao Ge's cast-iron temper by dipping in water to appear a gender, restrain the austenite matrix change to pearlite, the formation of stimulative martensite matrix. 3. Tungsten its action is to refine grain, raise hardness, increase wearability. 4. Efficient rare earth is compound alterative its action is deoxidization is mixed go sulfur, restrain field trash to be in thereby of crystal boundary slant get together, improve crystal boundary condition; Additional, because rare-earth element slants,get together, adsorption is on the direction with preferred and grown carbide, make the growth of carbide is restrained, make its become even thereby, isolated, and the carbon that other and degenerative element can form dispersion to distributing, nitrification content, prevent grain to be brought up, refine grain thereby. Compound alterative improves rare earth not only the microstructure of material, and can make material hardness pounds tenacity to rise apparently especially. Efficient the affiliation of compound alterative measures rare land take 0.

2 % ~ 0.

5 % are advisable. 5. The organization with Gao Ge's cast-iron organization and function tall cast-iron chromium is + of body of all alone family name in all brilliant carbide and carbide of strip lump strong record; Average hardness is 49HRC. Through " air of temper of normalizing sky cold + is cold " after heat treatment, average hardness is 60.

5HRC, metallographic organization is martensite + in all brilliant carbide carbide of strong record of + strip lump. 2, craft of scaleboard cast trial-produce 1. Fusion fusion undertakes in electric stove of 500kg acidity intermediate frequency. (1) joins useless steel and cast iron to undertake frit Qing Dynasty in electric stove of past acidity intermediate frequency first, rejoin ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, nickel, adjust molten iron composition. (2) joins ferromanganese and ferrosilicon early or late inside 10min of before taphole 5 ~ . (3) is joined in left and right sides of the 2min before taphole 0.

To oxigenate of 05 % aluminium. (4) molten iron gives furnace temperature to spend control to be in 1460 ~ 1500 ℃ . (5) is irruptive inside the bag 1.

4kg is efficient compound alterative has rare land processing of be pregnant with. (Right amount heat preservation is scattered to get together inside 6) past bag broken bits agent is enclothed, composed 5min is controlled, gather up broken bits. (7) is pouring temperature control is in 1400 ℃ of 1360 ~ . 2. Modelling makes core modelling craft use arenaceous technology of organic vinegar water glass. Burden: The box below ① is arenaceous as arenaceous as core: Former arenaceous (40/70 looks) 100% , water glass 5% (occupy former arenaceous heavy) , organic cruel 12% (occupy water glass to weigh) , agent of EZK break the ranks 2.

5% (occupy former arenaceous heavy) . ② top part is arenaceous: Former arenaceous 100% , water glass 4.

5% (occupy former arenaceous heavy) , organic vinegar 12% (occupy water glass to weigh) , do not add agent of break the ranks. Mix arenaceous technology: Former arenaceous add agent of break the ranks to mix 1min → to add organic cruel to mix → of 2 ~ 3min to add water glass to mix → of 1 ~ 2rnin to go out arenaceous, molding sand up time 25 ~ 30min. Time of drawing of patterns: 0.

5 ~ 1.

5h. Coating uses alcohol radical fault flower pink coating, requirement agitate is sufficient, brush besmear twice equably, add lukewarm wash-and-wear. Rising head is used float bead heat preservation is covered. The cast surface quality of trial production is good, without cast blemish. 3. After cast of heat treatment craft clears, have heat treatment, undertake inside furnace of resistor of stage car type, heat treatment craft is normalizing sky cold 10 temper air is cold. The hardness after cast heat treatment is on average 15.

5HRC, concussion tenacity is as high as 8J/cm2 (55mm of × of 10mm × 10mm does not have breach sample) . 3, running test is in machine of outfit of scaleboard of outfit machine try out lading a S/R (caboodle reclaimer) - T8 computer room - SU (ship loader) undertake in the flow that productivity is 6000t/h. Coal Mohs hardness 3 ~ 5. Tall chromic cast-iron scaleboard and tall manganese steel (ZGMnl3) at the same time interval installs scaleboard. Using coal of 2400h, outfit after 1.2 million T, both and comparative data sees next tables, eventuate tall chromium is cast-iron 2 the wearability of scaleboard is tall manganese steel.

6 times. Stop machine examination, did not see scaleboard has flaw. This makes clear, the tenacity of this kind of tall chromic cast-iron scaleboard achieves yellow fraud harbor to carry the use requirement of coal. 4, the last word is new-style tall chromic cast-iron scaleboard does not contain tall tenacity the key with high price, copper, used those who suit characteristic of our country resource is efficient rare earth is compound alterative and chromium, its hardness achieves 60HRC above, concussion tenacity and wearability all achieve satisfactory result. CNC Milling