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The circumstance falls in what, is repair cutting tool newer than buying knife more be to one's profit? Can be cutting cutting tool of future had completely require repair? Should build instauration cutting tool or buy new cutting tool? This is any circular cutting tool -- like broach, establish milling cutter and reamer -- the issue that the user should consider. The managing wind that global economic depression brings aroused increasingly strong to cutting tool rehabilitate interest. When considering this one issue, existence wears a lot of changing to measure -- what imagine possibly than a few people is much much. The metropolis such as the geometrical appearance of cutting tool, utility, matrix and coating is right make repair the decision of a cutting tool produces an effect. Other factor still includes: Place of the complexity of life of the value of workpiece, cutting tool, craft, treatment and processing technique level. Anyhow, although the experts of this domain hope to decide a few overall guidelines, but regulation of rigid of very rare however to this one problem what. Cutting tool is simpler, the possibility that has repair to its is larger. The technical design of company of hill tall cutting tool is in charge of Robert Goulding explanation to say, hard alloy broach is the commonnest can grind cutting tool again, it is the easiest also that its are ground again. Use when this kind of broach blunt hind, can undertake weighing grinding to getting a tip, if broach appeared collapse blade, or have more serious damage, the part getting a tip of attaint can be excised first when repair, undertake weighing grinding to its again next. The part pouring awl that wants bit only is done not have excessive wear away, can grind through be being weighed simply normally its rehabilitate. Compare with photograph of other cutting tool, grind pair of broach diameters again the influence is minor, make its suit repair very much thereby. Every time the repair control to dimension each are not identical. A common broach may be OK before discard as useless repair put sb in a very important position 5 ~ 6, and a bit that is used at machining high accuracy aperture is likely can repair put sb in a very important position 3. Besides broach, establishing milling cutter also is the cutting tool that fits repair put sb in a very important position most. The thorny issue that repair establishs milling cutter is to grind meeting influence again its diameter. Nevertheless, adjustable slant the machine tool of contemporary numerical control that buy measures makes use what repair passes to establish milling cutter to become a possibility, below the help of equipment of cutting tool preliminary adjustments, a lot of numerical control machine tools are OK and automatic set slants buy quantity. Larger or costlier cutting tool also is to weigh those who grind repair to await choose a target. Hard alloy of main production whole establishs milling cutter of milling cutter, broach, whorl, establish milling cutter, open groove to curium etc is of all kinds the technology of company of Niagara cutting tool of milling cutter is in charge of Bill Sebring to point out, normally, the diameter is less than 12.

The integral hard alloy of 7 Mm establishs milling cutter to do not have too big grind value again. He thinks, what have repair value most is christmas tree milling cutter and rough machining establish milling cutter. Christmas tree milling cutter is used at machining turbine lamina normally, have complex the geometrical appearance with nicety. The progress of CNC grinding technology makes grind this kind of complex cutting tool to become easier and easier again. Company of Niagara cutting tool grinds what integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter again call " reproducing " , in as new as production cutting tool the grinding on similar CNC tool grinding machine machines its reproducing cutting tool. This company still uses the PVD coating center inside him factory to undertake weighing besmear to repair cutting tool. Sebring points out, coating still can decide whether a cutting tool is worth repair -- wear CVD diamond coat again or kind diamond coating (DLC) cutting tool is in economically normally not be to one's profit. To titanium base or cutting tool of coating of chromium radical PVD, reproducing won't become an issue, the surface of all function cutting because of this kind of cutting tool is OK and direct grind again, and need not above all purify coating. Like a lot of tool manufacturer, the standard way of Niagara company is the cutting tool that grinds him rehabilitate to make again only. Gear hob and other gear cutting tool also belong to the cutting tool with high price, and can grind repair again almost. Tom Ware of manager of product of Star SU company points out, although also have cutting tool of gear of type of razor blade of a few hard alloy (the rough machining that is used at bigger modulus gear normally) , but major gear cutting tool is the integral high-speed steel that can grind repair again or hard alloy cutting tool. What the basis machines a condition is different, difference of life of gear cutting tool is very big, some cutting tool can machine 5 workpiece to need to be ground again namely only, and some cutting tool can process on 10 thousand work. To gear cutting tool, repair is sure content is worth somewhat: Repair the 10% ~ that the charge of cutting tool of a gear may be new knife price only 15% . Two of gear hob and other gear cutting tool main techniques make progress -- the use grow in quantity of high-speed steel cutting tool, exceeded hard alloy cutting tool, and use updated PVD coating -- make its life longer, and easier rehabilitate. Especially AlCrN coating (the trade name of this kind of coating that Oerlikon Balzers company produces is " Alcrona " ) use more and more extensive, right increasingly the high temperature cutting of grow in quantity and cutting tool rehabilitate are very advantageous. Actually, it is easier that from cutting tool purify AlCrN coating should compare purify AlTiN or TiAlN coating. The chemical preparation that is used at purify AlCrN coating won't be right cutting tool base material (especially hard alloy) cause any harm, and the chemical preparation of coating of purify TiAl N can erode hard alloy matrix. Ware thinks, the rehabilitate that another fundamental trend is gear cutting tool by the bag outside more ground. Repair gear cutting tool is right equipment of specialized worker, machine tool (especially coating equipment) have very high integrated demand with technical process designing skill, because of this to individual user character, do not have too big attraction in cutting tool of his workshop rehabilitate gear. As a result of integrated multiresource, a few enterprises (like Star SU company) capable to use numerical control machine tool -- main by the CAM program of to manufacture gear cutting tool work out drive -- come cutting tool of efficient rehabilitate gear. Complete technical capability makes its are opposite by oneself likely cutting tool coating, pass adjust grinding program, grind only except cutting tool by tatty part. The former manufacturer of the major gear cutting tool that regards place as repair, what they know how to assure cutting tool is heavy grind quality. Ware thinks, as the bag outside more and more manufacturer abandon cutting tool of proper motion rehabilitate and be being relied on, prospective trend is to shorten the turnaround time of rehabilitate of the cutting tool that finish. As competition intense with each passing day, turnaround time may shorten further for two weeks occupation standard normally. A few enterprises take service of cutting tool repair seriously more than other company. For example, unimerco company serves as rehabilitate of a cutting tool to serve an orgnaization to begin to do poineering work in North America namely, just answer later the client asks to begin to manufacture new cutting tool. This company specializes in broach, establish cutting tool of circle of whole of etc of milling cutter, reamer (the round cutting tool that includes to use PCD bit) . The explanation of Jim Stead of applied project manager of this company says, "Beyond the new cutting tool that we provide custom-built design besides the client that is our, still built a system that supports cutting tool rehabilitate. Most tool manufacturer basically devotes oneself to to manufacture new cutting tool, if want to build instauration cutting tool, take up with respect to need its produce time and equipment. Although we also manufacture new cutting tool now, but continued to withhold complete cutting tool rehabilitate special treatment is unit. " like business of repair of other and professional cutting tool, to shorten turnaround time, unimerco company also owns his PVD coating facility. It is Unimerco cutting tool not just, still brands of a lot of other cutting tool also are offerred grind a service again. Nevertheless, stead points out, manufacturer of a few new cutting tool always is not counterpoise grinds cutting tool to have fun at, or be willing to begin this professional work. He expresses, the price of repair cutting tool is the 1/4 ~ 1/2 of new cutting tool. To the cutting tool after repair, the key is the consistency that should assure quality. His explanation says, the each Unimerco factory of world each district uses same machine tool equipment and repair technology. All cutting tool undertake weighing grinding according to the repair technology standard that determines its geometry shape. Every cutting tool that Unimerco manufactures has an exclusive number, can check its technology standard through this number -- file of parameter of chamfer of product blueprint, knife, and the discharge of PCD razor blade is machined (EDM) outline. "We are stricter to requirement of PCD cutting tool, to each cutting tool -- the PCD cutting tool that includes other manufacturer production even -- gift its exclusive code. Repair PCD cutting tool needs to have technical knowledge and technical ability. Sometimes, the loss of PCD cutting tool may be very slight, need just can look clear below microscope. " fall in some circumstances, undertake to cutting tool repair may the loss outweights the gain. EMUGE company provides the tap that produces to oneself, repair service that establishs milling cutter and whorl milling cutter. This company technology is in charge of Alan Shepherd to express, although tap also can be ground again, but its geometry appearance is compared a few otherer cutting tool (like broach) complex much. The cutting tool after new cutting tool and rehabilitate is abhorrent it is one of causes that create a problem. Because be ground again,tap size can be changed on certain level, make the tap after repair and other tap abhorrent, because this may pose problem of a few treatment. For example, on product line of component of a car, the likelihood has main shaft of 115 machine tools to be used at undertaking to engine cylinder body tap is machined. Should change when cutting tool, if a few tap by repair reoccupy, these tap may compare other tap a few shorter, manufacturer must undertake adjustment to these main shaft, in order to compensate its length difference. This kind is adjusted should spend many time, its cost may be compared flat and all use new tap taller, become especially tap norms when lesser, price is cheaper, more such. Another example is to be on the spare parts with high cost tap. Tap treatment is normally when machining flow swift end, undertake, this is meant, be machined right now the part is earthly already value does not poor. For example, the outer lane of the reaction engine is a kind of quite costly spare parts. The material of this kind of forging is 6Al4V titanium alloy character, the diameter may be amounted to 1.

5m, there are 70 ~ on its 80 aperture need to undertake tap is machined. Because cost of this spare parts is high, the tap after because this manufacturer won't take a risk,using repair will machine. Nevertheless, also have a few large parts (the oil field blowout preventer that there is a diameter to be more than 25mm whorl aperture on if) the tap after often using repair will machine. This depends on greatly user and its treatment craft. Shepherd explanation says, "A of cutting tool rehabilitate significant secret of success is: Know to should be in when the cutting tool of disuse rehabilitate. The circumstance of everybody each are not identical. Have manufacturer of component of a car every treatment 2, 000 ~ 3, 000 aperture deliver repair tap, he discovers, use this kind of means, every can repeat tap use 3 times. But if he uses tap,repair delivers again after complete attaint, these tap are likely can rework 1, 000 aperture. " the Sebring of company of Niagara cutting tool indicates approval to this, "When some users use cutting tool, choppy invalidation can happen in cutting tool or before cutting blade damages badly with respect to disuse, send repair its. " he suggests, to the cutting tool of any plan rehabilitate put sb in a very important position, should use this kind of method. If appear in cutting tool collapse blade or repair has to its before wearing away badly, require the cutting tool data with less purify only when be ground again. Now, should we expect more repair cutting tool? Coke of gram of hill spy dimension rotates completely Jack Lynch of manager of cutting tool product expresses, "Below certain circumstance, a lot of but dislocation cutting tool is replacing figuration cutting tool stage by stage. Because have dislocation function, of this kind of cutting tool initiative buy price of course taller also, but the fee that the user need not pay repair cutting tool again. " he points out, below the case that permits in the condition, can change of knife head establish milling cutter (the CoroMill 316 that is like Shanteweikekeleman) may replace milling cutter of integral type circle gradually. Company of hill tall cutting tool offers the bit that uses Crownloc to be able to change type to get a tip to the user, eliminated the necessity that worries bit again thereby. The Goulding of this company expresses, "Although can change broach of the type that get a tip to have very good application perspective, but be opposite in treatment the surface is bright and clean spend and when the high quality aperture with dimension precision very high demand, still reason chooses broach of integral hard alloy. " Shanteweikekeleman's Lynch also thinks, although but type of dislocation razor blade may change the cutting tool design of knife head type is in ceaseless grow in quantity, but the land that cutting tool of circle of integral hard alloy still has its use force. Right but the another limitation element of dislocation cutting tool is need of clamp razor blade certain space. When cutting tool diameter is less than certain limit, integral type cutting tool is exclusive and feasible solution. Lynch points out, another crucial factor that raises cost of cutting tool rehabilitate is the stock of additional cutting tool that in need dogs and carrying repair technological process, wants. The complex rate that this meeting raises technological process of repair of administrative cutting tool -- in complex high-tech production environment especially such. Above all, one is collected, pack, send need repair cutting tool and call in already the content of repair cutting tool sheds a process. Need to decide next already the difference of repair cutting tool is spent. In addition, crucial also to they undertake dogging appropriately or be being classified, such ability use his correctly at treatment. Lynch explanation says, "Establish milling cutter especially, e.g. , you a diameter 12.

Of 7mm establish milling cutter to send repair, the cutting tool diameter that sends back after repair may be reduced 0.

51mm or 0.

76mm. To assure to machine quality, must be opposite of machine tool of CNC numerical control slant buy quantity undertakes be adjustmented appropriately. Must be opposite of machine tool of CNC numerical control slant buy quantity undertakes be adjustmented appropriately.. CNC Milling