New material -- apperception of King Kong alkyl closes matter

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Current, the glamour of diamond not just confine is acted the role of at regarding as taste used gem to perhaps serve as drill, the material of cut, abrasive tool, and had spread all over the domain such as science of medicine, physics, material and chemistry. The university of world each district and diamond industry had begun pair of accept rice dimension (10-9m) diamond and its characteristic can undertake study. As a result of clear structure, apperception of King Kong alkyl combines content function remarkable. Discover in oil apperception of many King Kong alkyl closes matter, they are come out very easily by depart. These new-style compound are preparing to be used in research and development. Apperception of King Kong alkyl added up to the target of content to offer compound to the function. These compound are used at domain of medicine, electron and exterior coating. What is apperception of King Kong alkyl closes matter? According to chemical explanation, the atom that apperception of King Kong alkyl closes matter is arranged and lattice of diamond carbon atom is opposite should, belong to a hydrocarbon. By the structure hydrocarbon of the simplest King Kong form is mixed King Kong alkyl (chart L/1) composition. (Because chart L) joins alkyl of basket shape King Kong, the dimension of hydrocarbon of King Kong form increases ceaselessly, these cells that increase by logistic order are called alkyl of 2 King Kong (alkyl of chart L/2, 3 King Kong (chart L/3) , turn over alkyl of 4 King Kong (chart 1/4 A, C) . King Kong alkyl originates oil. Chemically method is analysed, the King Kong alkyl with molecular only inferior quantity is inside very short time ability by mass-produced come out. However so far, only a few the put oneself in another's position of abnormity of King Kong alkyl with molecular higher volume can get (chart L/4a) . However, alkyl of King Kong of complex of the chemistry a few years ago can come out from the abstraction in oil. Because simple lab synthesizes a technology, king Kong hydrocarbon discovers in congener oil, but be not known by people place however. It is OK that the fact proves many element estimates put oneself in another's position of abnormity of alkyl of taller King Kong from inside oil abstraction comes out. This is occurrent the result that is not traverse. Going up century at the beginning of 90 time, petroleum Company studies American beautiful inspire confidence in sb a kind of method comes to those who prevent King Kong alkyl jam. Although most person does not know this kind of compound to be able to come out from the abstraction in oil, also did not undertake study at that time. Be in only 19 centuries end, at the beginning of 20 centuries when be put forward by Dahl Et Al: The apperception of King Kong alkyl with the many existence in crude oil closes matter. 2003, it is OK that Dahl Et Al studies the result proves King Kong alkyl is of depart and token, analysed its performance. Apperception of alkyl of 1 various King Kong adds up to chart the choice of content: Center: Does the diamond lattice that contains cell of King Kong alkyl choose why does apperception of King Kong alkyl add up to content to be basic composition unit? Although apperception of King Kong alkyl closes matter,the analysis of the segregation of basic material and function can be accomplished, change without farther function, apperception of these special King Kong alkyl close matter do not have too big use. After only hydrogenous atom and functional group are exchanged each other, these potential compound ability are built and produce its effect. Fundamental is the function of the advantage of a diamond and structure of King Kong alkyl, functional group union forms the new material that has a variety of property together. Additional and important is: What stabilize than black lead in diamond of rice of the accept inside similar dimension limits is much. Apperception of King Kong alkyl adds up to content target to change what should notice particularly to the function is to grind first the function that give out is atomic, the crop because of it and alternative very important. Common response is change bromic element into relevant bromide. These reaction are put in adverse element, however haloid do not need in medicine. The X of chart coping, Y has only and the ability when union of Lewis acerbity photograph can act well and crop is inferior. Abstraction is methylic better method is the nitric acid 100 % is changed. Because change different reaction parameter, can get many King Kong alkyl, crop can exceed 90 % (chart 2) . The compound with wide application showed below. The apperception of alkyl of choice Nextpage King Kong that different union nods diamond of 2 accept rice adds up to chart the applied limits of content is the closest, mellow compound of sulfur of hydrocarbon of indication King Kong of heart beauty joint-stock project and strong record alkyl of 4 King Kong is OK and deposit in Jin Heyin apparently, because this calls SAMs -- assemble monolayer film oneself (chart 3) . Through using radiation of different electron energy orderly monolayer film gets high yield is measured and apperception of alkyl of almost identical King Kong adds up to energy content (chart 3) . This kind of effect calls negative electron to close in person situation and application is wide. This kind of function can be used at asking electronic energy distributings narrower electronic projectile. For example, flat shows or electron microscope. It is apperception of King Kong alkyl adds up to content to be in additionally sealed the application with exterior coating. Besides these the apperception of King Kong alkyl of modified adds up to content to still apply in papermaking course of study. Use these paper water embellish is wet, join a few the appearance that King Kong alkyl produces a scanty water. The fact proves little water is impossible to permeate paper. As a result of this reason, produced waterproof paper. Had introduced above, it is OK that apperception of King Kong alkyl closes matter deposit is in metallic surface. The scanty water effect that the surface that is wetted by water showed coating clearly (droplet turns globose chart into 4) . Generally speaking, the King Kong alkyl that thimbleful should join only in coating material can produce this effect. 3 diamond negative electron adds up to chart in person situation effect chart (left) the 4 diamond alkyl sulfur with gold surface are mellow derivative (right) the alkyl of water King Kong of sealing contact surface of metal of diamond of 4 accept rice is in chart medical domain application. Ramification of different King Kong alkyl can treat a lot of diseases as medicaments, for example: Flu. (Chart 5) . Chart the chart of medicaments give typical examples of structure of diamond of 5 accept rice 6 on diamond of accept pure rice get together brilliant peptide but, the apperception of King Kong alkyl that production comes out adds up to content apply as only member and compound. As the structural unit of polymer and common diamond photograph comparing has the following advantage: Three-dimensional stability, treatment is accurate wait (chart 6) . Develop the system of ramification of King Kong alkyl further, relatively the apperception of King Kong alkyl that high polymer measures adds up to content to have specific structural function, do not have an influence almost to live body cell. Apperception of King Kong alkyl adds up to the foreground of content. Although people has known in early apperception of King Kong alkyl closes matter, and people is opposite the hydrocarbon of King Kong form of small element quantity made study in great quantities and have a few relevant application. However the accept rice diamond of other distributings in dimension and performance side still exists a few problems. Apperception of King Kong alkyl adds up to content to have clear structure and the function that choose modified. The substitution that it offerred a kind to have perspective very much is traditional the compound of King Kong alkyl of accept rice diamond. 5 years after be departed first in alkyl of high polymer King Kong and studying, the King Kong alkyl of high polymer also has a few potential application perspective. We can reach a such conclusion, the job is in the research and development of accept rice diamond to develop at full speed toward right way. CNC Milling